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How and why did the US become imperialistic?

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The reason we became imperialized is because we wanted power and control of other countries.

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Why did the US become an imperialistic nation?

Family Values

How did Spanish American war invoke US to become Imperialistic?

They were acquiring overseas Territories.

Why did Japan become imperialistic?

To get more power.

What is a primary cause for a nation to become imperialistic?

One reason a nation will become imperialistic is if they feel a need for more resources. For example, European countries expanded their reigns into Africa in order to take wood and precious metals from Africa.

How did the US become imperialistic in 1800 to 1900's?

acquiring overseas land guam, puerto rico, and phillipines.

Could japan could have become an imperialistic power if it had not modernized?

It was imperialistic.It could not be a power at all if it did not mechanize and modernize its armed forces.

Should the US be imperialistic?

No, the USA has no need for colonies.

What motivated Europe and the US to become imperialistic and seek colonies in Asia Africa and Latin America?

They wanted to gain an advantage in the competition for global resources. <--- Net

How did Manifest Destiny impact Americans desires to become an imperialist power?

The US government saw this as an excuse to expand the nation. It was their "god given right" to be imperialistic.

What would you characterize relations between the US and latin America?

Imperialistic and resource-driven.

What is the most powerful police force in the world?

The US Empire and its Imperialistic Military policy.

In the US the belief in manifest destiny was most similar to what later demands?

imperialistic expansion

Why were European country able to become imperialistic?

they made many infustrialized inventions throughout the time period.

What allowed the US to pursue an imperialistic foreign policy in the 19th century?

the leader was a mental case

Is Russia imperialistic?

The most imperialistic state in the world is Great Britain (they have colonies in XXI century). So Russia is imperialistic not more than USA =)

Do you think that the United States's imperialistic scheme reached beyond the Philippines?

The United States was not as imperialistic as other imperialistic countries were. The US only sought the Pacific and the Caribbean/Middle America. The Philippines were acquired during the Spanish-American War (as were several other American territories) and really exercised the US's westernmost desire.

Does Cuba trust us?

No. Cuba's oppressive colonial history prevents its people from seeing the US as anything other than an imperialistic force.

Is being part of the imperialistic approach beneficial to your country?

is being part of the imperialistic approach beneficial to your country?

Is Canada an imperialistic country?


How was Rome imperialistic?

Rome was imperialistic in that she had an empire which was the second largest empire antiquity saw and the 17th largest in history.

How is US history characterized by imperialism?

The US, in its history was imperialistic. They annexed many lands into their "empire" (although the US government is not an empire). A few examples are Panama, Hawaii, Cuba, and the Philippines.

Is America imperialistic today?

"Imperialistic" can be a subjective evaluation and opinion, but it can safely be said that under the present administration in power, definitely not.

What were the arguments against the Spanish American War?

That it was imperialistic.That it was not America's place to interefere in Spain's problems.That it was over there and therefore not a US problem.

What countries are imperialistic?

Typically, imperialism is concurrent with power. Especially economic power. European nations used to be imperialistic before WWII, but the most imperialistic countries nowadays are the United States and China. The type of imperialism they project is not often political, but economic.

Which President was most imperialistic?

John Tyler