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I cant begin to describe how to replace your heaters core however you can buy a repair manual at most any autoparts store for your 1985 Chevy Cavalier by Haynes or Chiltons that normally explains this procedure. (At Your Own Risk) As for bypassing the heaters core that's simple disconnect the two hoses from the core and install a coupling between the two simply making a loop or take one hose off completely and take the other hose off the heater core and run it to where you took the other hose off the engine either way you will be making a loop from point A to point B of your engine not the heater core. EzForJesus

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Q: How big of a job is it to replace or by-pass the heater core on a 1985 Chevy Cavalier 2.0 liter engine?
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How do you replace heater core Chevy Cavalier?

Detach the screw that attaches the heater duct on a Chevy Cavalier and remove the heater core. Once this is done you can replace the faulty heater core with a functional one.

Heater does not blow hot air in 1996 Cavalier?

replace anti-freeze, replace thermostat

If you bypass heater core will engine stop overheating?

no , the heater core provides heat to the interior for the passengers

How do you stop the water leaking from under the dashboard?

bypass the heater core by connecting the two heater hoses togethetr or replace heater core

How do stop antifreeze from blowing on the inside of windshield?

Sounds like heater core is leaking, replace heater core or bypass

How do you bypass a heater core in a 2001 Dodge pickup?

To bypass the heater core you need to remove the two water hoses going through the firewall from the engine compartment to the heater core and connect them together so that the water loops around back to the engine.

How do you bypass the heater core on a 1994 Firebird?

Take both heater hoses off at the heater and the hose running from the front, attach it to the rear of the engine.

How do you replace heater hose bypass fitting?

Replacing the heater hose bypass fitting will depend on how the fitting was installed. It could be screwed or bolted in. Try searching for your specific vehicle for a detailed description of the install.

What is the bypass pipe from the heater core to the radiator called?

Heater coolant bypass pipe It would be the return hose for the heater.

Can you bypass the heater core on a 1999 ford escort and have heat?

No , if you were to bypass the heater core , you would have no heat

Bypass heater core Chevy Cavalier?

To bypass the heater corer in a Chevy Cavalier, disconnect the heater core hoses at the firewall. using a hose splice available at an auto parts, slide the hoses on the ends of the splice. tighten the hose clamps down. Check the coolant level in case it is low due to losing any during the procedure. Wash the ground thoroughly because any coolant left is toxic to animals.

Why is coolant leaking from the heater drain line on the engine firewall of a Pontiac sunfire?

heater core has a leak replace heater core

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