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How can I Compress disk brake piston on a 2001 Nissan Maxima?


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2006-07-19 20:37:46
2006-07-19 20:37:46

the rear disc piston needs to be rotated while pushing in...get the tool from the parts store, or use a screwdriver carefully... also everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional manual the reference section, you'll have to make copies of the important sections...good luck :)

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If they are the same as a 97 Maxima then you twist them, don't compress them. To compress the piston you do it with a 'Disk Brake Piston Tool'. You can get this at Pep Boys for $12. To compress the piston on the passenger side you turn the piston clockwise. To compress the piston on the driver side you turn the piston counter-clockwise. Be careful trying to turn the piston using pliers or some other tool as you may tear the rubber seal around the piston.

you can use a C clamp and squeeze the cylinder down and then your brake shoes should be far apart enough to just fit on the rotor.

If it is the front brake use a "C" clamp to retract piston If it is the rear and the parking brake is used by this caliper piston is threaded and a special tool (not expensive) available at Sears or auto parts to "screw" piston into caliper body

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Brake piston? Front use a "C" clamp to compress Rear - Piston is threaded turn clockwise to compress (water pump pliers?)

You can use a large C-Clamp to compress the caliper piston.

dont compress, take brake caps off and it's self adjusting so turn it back clockwise,. behind the brake pads. For Rear Brakes: Use either a needle-nose pliers (difficult) or a "brake tool" (available at any autoparts store) to rotate the piston. For Front Brakes: Just use a C-clamp to (gently!!!) push the piston inward. The Piston in the rear brake caliper screws in. There are two holes to insert a tool into to rotate the piston. Get the special tool at any auto parts store, It'll be worth the $4 or $5 dollars.

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they make a tool for it that you should be able to buy at any parts store, i was able to use a pair of needle-nose pliers, open the pliers and put the tips into the notches on the inside of the caliper piston, turning clockwise will compress the piston.

The piston on the rear calipers will not compress as most vehicles do, they must be screwed back to there fully recessed position.

It requires a special tool to turn and compress the piston in at the same time.

If the brakes are disk on the rear they can't be push or pressed in they have to be screwed in by turning the piston clock wise try this it should work. That is what I did on my 1994 Nissan Maxima becareful not to damage the rubber dust boot on the piston.

AnswerThere is not enough information in your question. A cylinder piston you do not compress, you compress the rings in the piston. There are pistons in the brake system. There is no way of knowing the problem without being more specific.I'm assuming you mean the caliper piston. If it can't be compressed, replace the caliper.

Driver side firewall in the hood where u add the brake fluid

Shade tree mechanics use a C-clamp and a flat steel bar to compress the piston. I have also used a large adjustable Channel-Lok-type pliers to compress.

Use a "c" clamp to fully compress piston into caliper body

Check the brake light switch down on the brake pedal.

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Well it kind of depends on what the piston looks like. Does it have two holes on the head of the piston? If so, you will either need the special tool to compress it or you can try to use a set of needle nose pliers to push and turn it at the same time. If it doesn't have the two holes then all you should have to do is take the old brake pad and put on the piston (shim side to piston) get a C clamp and compress it (the brake pad will help protect the piston as well as help to provide even pressure across the piston as you compress). It may take some pressure but eventually you should see it start to compress. I have done several brake jobs myself and this way works the best. Hope this helps and goodluck. note* - I have read that when compressing the piston you should have the bleeder screw open to allow some of the fluid to escape as you compress the piston. Also you could have the brake fluid reservoir cover open to allow for the fluid to escape that way. I have done both and they have worked fine for me.

You need a tool that can compress the piston at the same time you can rotate the caliper clockwise. Or you can use a clamp and a screwdriver to gently compress the piston.

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