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How can people give up smoking?

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September 13, 2011 4:34AM

First off, lets tackle the question you asked. How can people give up smoking? They can't. People cannot give up something, that is an addictive poison, if they truly believe they are giving something up.

The reality is, you are not giving ANYTHING up, because smoking does NOTHING for you, all the effects are negative on your body.

People associate smoking with good things because it seems to be the one to solve them. This is of course our bodies reaction to nicotine. Please let me explain a bit more.

Our bodies will develop a tolerance to nicotine, which is an addictive poison. Due to our body's lack of nicotine after you have not smoked for a short time, we get feelings that are a result of the nicotine withdrawal.

This is the interesting part though...the nicotine withdrawal does not make you feel like you are low on feels like stress, anxiety, being tired.

Of course, once you light up a cigarette, it replaces that nicotine that it lost (not completely) and brings you back up to what would be closer to normal. This becomes a perception of your mind, that smoking helps your stress, your insecure feelings, your sleepiness. When the reality of the situation is that smoking CAUSED all of these feelings to begin with...which is the essence of the nicotine trap.

For more information on this subject, you can check out Allen Carr's Wikipedia page. He is the man, who is no longer with us, that helped ME quit.

Whatever you take from this answer though, do not go out and buy the patch, don't go buy medication, or any of that junk, you do not need it, just as much as you do not need cigarettes. Some of those companies are just as bad as cigarette companies with the fact that they try to make it seem SO DIFFICULT to quit smoking that you NEED their product to quit. That is complete BS!

Give this method a try, if you do not want to take my advise, download it off the internet somewhere...I am sure you can find it, but when you do, read it from front to back, and do not skip any of the words, and do not continue until you understand what the last chapter said.

If after reading this entire book, you do not feel different about smoking, feel free to contact me, and I will do what I can and pass on my knowledge if it will help you.