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You can sponsor him thru employment. In other words, you have to hire them to work for you. I am not sure if you can just bring them under some other type of visa and that only requires you to pay all his/her livings expenses without working for you, but there may be. You better check with the USCIS or an Immigration attorney.

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Q: How can you become a sponsor for an adult immigrant?
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Can an immigrant get another sponsor while in US?

An immigrant can get another sponsor if the sponsor if the immigrant is on H1B. But the new sponsor need to file a new H1B for the immigrant.

Can an American citizen adopt a legal immigrant adult?

Can anyone clarify the question? To my understanding, an adult cannot be adopted, regardless of citizenship status... An adult can not be adopted. Perhaps the questioner is thinking of sponsor?

How old must a sponsor for an immigrant be?

A sponsor should be atleast 18 years of age at the time of sponsoring an immigrant. He/she should be a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident in order to be a sponsor.

Can a US citizen sponsor an adult immigrant parent?

Yes, and success often occurs, but not always. The immigration process can be long, drawn out and very frustrating.

How long is the sponsor liable for an immigrant?

5 years

Can a pastor of a church sponsor an illegal immigrant?


Can a US citizen sponsor an illegal immigrant from Mexico?

You cannot sponsor someone who is already here illegally. You CAN sponsor them if they go home and apply for entry with a sponsor who will provide a home and/or a job.

If you are a sponsored immigrant is your sponsor responsible for your hospital bills?


Can a convicted felon sponsor his illegal immigrant spouse?

Felons are indeed allowed to sponsor their immigrant wife. The only time he may be hindered from doing so is if he had been charged with a violent crime.

How do you sponsor an illegal immigrant child already in the country?

Omg what did u do!?!

Can someone other than a family member sponsor an illegal immigrant?


What does a sponsor do at a Catholic adult baptism?

Stands as the sponsor for the adult being baptized, answers the questions as to their fitness to be received into the Church, and vouches for them.

Can an immigrant become an American police officer?

A lawful immigrant who has become a naturalized American Citizen can become a police officer, but not an immigrant/alien who has not become a US citizen.

How old do you have to be to be a sponsor for Confirmation?

Any adult, Confirmed Catholic may be a Sponsor for Confirmation.

How can a US citizen sponsor an illegal immigrant from Mexico so that they may remain or return to the US?

Your question reveals an unconscious bias. You said,= "How can a US citizen sponsor an illegal immigrant...." = If you "sponsor" them, they are not an "illegal immigrant." Careful, the way your question is phrased says a lot about you. The very term "illegal immigrant" is insulting to ....migrant workers, especially. Mexican citizens surely don't like the phrase and, by the way, Superman was apparently an "illegal immigrant" and you SURELY wouldn't want to insult HIM.

How does one become a legal alien by the help of an uncle?

No, uncle won't help. The laws allow immigrants to sponsor immigrant visas to their families which mean parents, spouses and children.

Can an immigrant become a US citizen if married?

no,but the us citizen can help the immigrant become legal.

Can a US citizen adopt an illegal immigrant adult in New Mexico?

No. An adult cannot adopt another adult.

Why does the Church include the role of the sponsor in the Confirmation ritual?

The Sponsor is a second adult who practices their faith, who can guide you in your spiritual journey. The Sponsor witnesses your vows, and will assist you if you choose to ask them questions or seek guidance. This person is like an adult spiritual mentor for you.

Does the sponsor of a legal alien have to support them until they get their citizenship?

Yes, the sponsor must maintain the immigrant up to 125% of the poverty level until death, citizenship, or 10 years.

If a Mexican or any other illegal immigrant comes into the country and has a baby does the parent receive citizenship?

No, only when the child is an adult (18) can they request a green card for the parents. They will be illegal until then, unless they marry a citizen or get an employer to sponsor them.

Can a us citizen adopt an illegal immigrant adult in IL?


What does it mean to sponsor an illegal immigrant?

The question is slightly ambiguous, since technically you cannot sponsor an illegal immigrant. If the immigrant is already in the country illegally, they cannot be sponsored for entry into the country. You can sponsor an immigrant, but there are conditions on someone re-entering the United States who has already been an illegal immigrant. First, sponsoring an immigrant. There is a category of immigration called family sponsorship, whereby the family member of the immigrant (who is already a legal U.S. citizen) can sponsor the immigrant's entry into the country. The family member must submit an Affidavit of Support, which shows that the sponsor will financially support the immigrant. Proof of income must be provided along with the application. This only applies, however, to immigrants who have not yet entered the country illegally. Illegal aliens who wish to re-enter the country legally are generally barred for three years from doing so. There are exceptions to this rule, but generally, any person who has been in the United States illegally for 180 days or more will be barred from re-entry for three years. Aliens will be barred for 10 years if they were illegally in the country for one year or more. These laws surrounding legal and illegal immigration and sponsorship are contained in the updated Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 and the Anti terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996

What are the responsibilties of the baptisimal sponsor?

The responsibility of a baptismal sponsor is to be there for the adult or young adult as they begin their walk with Christ. The sponsor is similar to a spiritual mentor in that one will be there to give love and support that person. Hold them accountable when they start to go down the wrong path and encourage them when they are walking in right steps with Christ.

Should immigrants become citizens?

yes a immigrant can become a citizen