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You could wire them with the running lights instead of the bright and dim. Otherwise you will have to install a toggle switch to override turning off fog lights when using running lights only.

It is against the law to run your fog logs in the high beam mode, you may only use fog lights while in the low beam mode. Not that that matters to most people, but in high beam they will not provide any usable light anyway, or is it you just think it looks cool to have them on even in the high beam mode?

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 20:54:29
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Q: How can you bypass the fog lights on a 2004 Jeep Liberty so when you change to high beams the fog lights stay on?
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Why do you have High Beams Lights But No Low Beams Lights on my 1993 Chevy Van?

Bad bulbs Bad dimmer switch

How can you keep Low beams engage even when you click to high beams on a 5.9 '98 ZJ?

you can't they are specifically designed to shut off mostly because IT IS FEDERAL LAW that's why the fog lights go off when you turn the high beams on. if you were to tamper with and find a way to bypass this SAFETY FEATURE you would be endangering yourself and everyone else on the road. In other words DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BYPASS.

Why wont the Low beams work on your 2003 impala the high beams work and also the parking lights?

you blew out a fuse under the hood just change it and it should work

How do you run highbeams and fog lights on a 2007 mustang gt?

the fog lights work with the low beams , they wont come on with the high beams

Why wont the daytime running and low beams lights work when I have high beams and have changed both lights and the switch?

Have you checked the drl relay?

What type of lights does a golf mark 4 have?

The low beams and high beams are both H7 bulbs. The fog lights are H3's.

Which lights should you use when you are drivingin a fog?

Low beams and fog lights if equipped. High beams only light-up the fog more.

How do you change beams on Metroid prime 3?

Beams stack, you don't have to change them

In fog what lights are best to use?

low beams

Why would my headlights quit working but the parking lights brake lights and tail lights still work and high beams do when switch is pulled back on a 94 Grand Am?

Low beams are burned out.

When turning on head lights in my 1993 ford explorer they do not work when you hold the high beam switch then the head lights work?

your bulbs are burnt out. when you switch on the high beams its only the high beams. but when you flash your brights it lights up both high and low beams.

What could be the cause of your high beam lights working and the low beams not on your Chevy Malibu?

These lights have 2 different "lights" in each of them. This occurs frequently. Change out the bulb and everything will be working fine once again.

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