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How can you contact the rescue organization for a German Shepherd?

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See below. Also, instead of contacting a no-kill rescue agency, you may want to see your local county's animal shelter, as MANY German Shepherds are in each one! You can go to your local shelter and bring your buddy home- at my shelter, most of the dogs are shepherds. :)


Go online to:

TYPE IN: Rescue organizations for German Shepherds

There is a great list for all different types of dog breeds. You are going down the right path with this one and not contacting the ASPCA. Certain breeds need special treatment to get them back to the good shape they started out with.

Good luck


Best way to find a reputable rescue is to go to the National club for the breed. In this case, go to the website for the German Shepard Dog Club of America at:

Scroll down and click on "Breed Rescue" on the left side. This will give you regional and state rescue groups that are safe and reputable. (There are people out there who call themselves a "rescue" that will take a dog and just use him/her for breeding, or sell the dog without first neutering or spaying. Finding a rescue through a breed club helps avoid those types of people.) Also, if you can find your local "breed club" (people who show in AKC shows and breed professionally) they are also usually active in rescue of their breed. The above responder was right -- you are doing the best thing for your dog and for the future owner by going through a reputable rescue group.

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Q: How can you contact the rescue organization for a German Shepherd?
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How many people do German Shepherd rescue a year?


Where can one find German Shepherd puppies?

German Shepherd puppies are available from a large number of specialized breeders. It may however be preferable to contact a rescue centre or animal housing charity. Local vets can often offer good advice on finding a pet.

What methods can be used to find homes for free German Shepherd puppies?

Search for German shepherd dog rescue organizations in your area. These rescue centers give shelter to lost, unwanted and abused German shepherds and their goal is to get the dogs to permanent homes where they will receive proper love and care.

What would the cheapest German shepherd cost?

A rescue dog would be the least expensive. Be wary of anyone selling cheap German Shepherds. There's always a chance they are puppy mill dogs. If you really want one, visit your local shelter or contact the nearest German Shepherd Rescue organisation. People often buy a Shepherd without researching what the breed is like. They quickly find they can't handle the dog, or can't offer it the stimulation it needs and dump the poor animal.

What kind of jobs could you give to a German shepherd?

Your German Shepherd could be a police dog, a drugs and explosives detector, a guard, a rescue dog, a sheep dog, etc... That dog is the third more intelligent dog in the world.

Is a German sheperd a helping or rescue dog?

A German Shepherd dog can be used for many purposes, including rescue work and helping the handicapped by being a guide or therapy dog. The work any dog does depends on the training it receives.

What was the German Shepherd Dog first bred for?

The German Shepherd Dog or GSD for short was originally bred for herding and guarding sheep mainly because of their strength, abilities, and intelligence. Today, this breed is often part of the military search and rescue operations.

What is the word for rescue in German?

Rettung is rescue in German

Where might a person find rescued German shepherds in Toronto?

One would find a rescued German shepherd in Toronto by going to the rescue center. This rescue center rescues a lot of dogs. Angel Fire is where someone can seek more information.

How German shepherd help people?

The German Shepherd Dog is a wonderful family pet, apart from that it is used as guard dog, as guide dog for blind and deaf, and help police and military in different jobs like search and rescue, sniff out drugs etc.

How much do German shepherd dogs cost?

If you get your GSD from a good breeder, they can cost about $1000. Of course you can get one much cheaper at a rescue or shelther.

Where can one purchase free German Shepard puppies?

German Shepherd puppies are usually found for sale at pet stores or directly from breeders. Puppies of all breeds including German Shepherds can be found for adoption at a local animal rescue organization or shelter. Free German Shepherd puppies, if purebred, are rare but might be found through a local newspaper classified advertisement, community bulletin board, veterinarian's office or other outlets where individuals giving away free puppies might advertise.

When was German rescue swimming badge created?

German rescue swimming badge was created in 1913.

Who has a free German Shepherd dog for search and rescue work?

Look in the pets column, in the newspaper advertisements, you sometimes see them free to good home in there. You could try a rescue centre, costs are lower and the dog has been temperament checked.

Where can one find German Shepard puppies that are for sale?

German Shepherd puppies can be bought from breeders, pet stores or local humane societies if any have been surrendered or found. The website PetFinder is a good resource for finding German Shepherds in your area, and has search features for breed, age, location, and gender. Depending on the area, there may also be a rescue group nearby with German Shepherd puppies to adopt.

Are German shepherds okay to be around asthmatics if groomed and bathed regularly?

I wouldn't say so. I work for German Shepherd Rescue UK and all of the dogs i have in moult like crazy, despite being brushed every day.

Who do you contact to rescue a giraffe?

They rescue the giraffe keeper

Where to find White German Shepherd?

If you are looking to adopt a white GSD (not allowed in AKC) I suggest trying the GSD rescue in your area. If no luck there, simply get a pup from a breeder of white GSD's

How big can agerman shepherd grow?

German Shepherd OverviewThe German Shepherd Dog breed was originated in the Federal Republic of Germany. The dog is one among the famous and most popular of all breeds, widely known for its boldness and faithfulness. Their primary purpose was to move and handle sheep. The German shepherd was acknowledged by the US Kennel Club in 1908. At present the German shepherd is a real working dog. The most popular breed for armed forces service, and as a guard dog. The German Shepherd additionally ideal for rescue and search work, herding and as a guide assistance dog. The German Shepherd were bred especially to work with humans. The primary appearance of German shepherd is usually a strong, agile, and good muscled dog. The dog is longer as compared to tall. The pointed, erect ears and dark and eyes are almond shaped. Overall the German Shepherd are well balanced and strong dogs. The European dogs vary from the American due to the shape however each one will look nicely muscled. German Shepherds own a double coat. The coat is popular in 2 varieties; average and long. German Shepherds have usually variety of colors; the foremost popular are tan/black and red/black. Several color varieties own dark face masks and black body marks. Some uncommon color variations can be sable, pure black, pure white, and blue.German Shepherd TemperamentThe German Shepherd Dog has lovely temperament it is alert, intelligent, strong, courageous and loyal. The German Shepherd are first and foremost a working breed however can make outstanding, loving family companions. The German Shepherd tend to be indifferent with strangers and can be aloof; however The German Shepherd are defensive of their owner, The German Shepherd are extremely faithful, and brave.The German Shepherd have a high learning ability. The German Shepherd have a very strong defensive temperament, which make them excellent guard and police dogs. The breed should not be left alone for long periods of time; this will result in destructive behavior and other behavioral problems such as chasing, barking, chewing, aggression and digging. A German Shepherd should get behavioral training and socialization with humans as well as other pets. The German Shepherd need to be a part of your household. The German Shepherd are working dogs that require a work, even when these are to be a household pet. Boredom and isolation can result in behavior issues. The German shepherds character and activity levels differ from dog to dog. The German Shepherd merely bark if they think it is crucial. The German Shepherd can bark when strangers move close to your house, however adequate socialization can help this extremely intelligent and confident breed to turn into a regular friendly routine. A German Shepherd Dog will provide faithful companionship and loyal service. Due to their power, trainability, self-belief and self-assurance, appropriate socialization is essential. When dealing with socializing, it is essential that the new German Shepherd should be made aware of members of the family, and even building approaches for appropriately socializing the dog with different doggies as well as other persons. Therefore going on the German Shepherd to parks, going for walks around and introducing individuals, along with several other social hobbies which are regarded perfect for socialization of the German Shepherd.German Shepherd Behavior with children and other petsThe German shepherd is a great dog that can be a wonderful household companion and the behavior of German Shepherd is very good with children. The German Shepherd are friendly and affectionate dog and, if grow up with younger children and also will be a reliable watch dog for kids. However, you have to be aware that German Shepherd with young children need to set limitations with the youngsters, which is usually, ensuring the German Shepherd know that they should be well intentioned of your member of the family, therefore not becoming extremely hostile, like dragging, tugging on the dog, leaping about, or all other action considered unacceptable. If you get your German shepherd as a puppy, the relation will grow all his life; you will be considered his family, and he will act as such. It is highly recommended that you enroll your little German shepherd in some sort of basic training as soon as he or she is old enough. If your German shepherd is older when you get him, it's important that he be introduced slowly to the children in the family. The German Shepherd at first will be leery and somewhat aloof until he realizes whom he can trust. Once that trust is developed, it will always be there. Unsocialized German Shepherds may be aggressive towards other dogs, especially dogs of the same sex. This is an issue of bad socialization and control on the dog instead of remark on the dog.German Shepherd Care & groomingGrooming is essential for your dog since it enables them remain healthful and fresh. German Shepherd grooming will help to keep their coat silky and also get rid of skin disorder. Dogs which are not well-groomed carefully are probable to have rashes or soreness. The grooming of German Shepherd can be challenging, the German Shepherd are not easy to handle. The long haired German shepherds require extra brushing as compared to average coated shepherds. Long coated may also have more likely to skin issues. Brushing the coat two to three times per week should be the part of a weekly grooming plan. Always use a soft brush for brushing their coat. If the coat of the German shepherd has become longer, it should be trimmed carefully. This will aid to maintain the coat in good condition. Nail trimming should be a part of your dogs monthly grooming plan. Additionally it is important to brush the teeth of your dog once every week to get rid of any teeth and gum issue. By using these grooming techniques you will be able to maintain your dog’s health.German Shepherd Health IssuesA lot of health issues of the German Shepherds are due to the wrong inbreeding practices. One of these usual problems is joint dysplasia and also can lead to arthritis. A report by the University of Zurich in working dogs, stated that that 45% of German Shepherds are facing Health issues from degenerative spine stenosis, The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals observed that 19 .1% of German Shepherd are influenced by hip dysplasia. Shepherds are susceptible to ear diseases. In European countries, the average life of a German Shepherd is 9-10 years. Degenerative myelopathy, a neurological problem, develops with plenty of frequency in the breed to recommend that the breed is liable for it. Furthermore, German Shepherd Dogs have a greater as compared to normal occurrence of Von Will brand Disorder, a general genetic bleeding problem.German Shepherd TrainingThe training of German Shepherds are not very difficult because of their intelligence To battle boredom, mental workout is good for the German Shepherds. German Shepherds are exceedingly smart and, like numerous other types, enjoy employed by their proprietors. German Shepherds flourish in obedience training and on agility.The German Shepherd are able to train to perform nearly any job. The German Shepherd are clever, brave, watchful, and ambitious when required and keen to delight their owner. These dogs are dominant however still supple. Though extremely socializable, the German Shepherd need to be trained as early as possible. This will need a compact, regular and kind trainer for training. German Shepherd often displays domination when the German Shepherd seem that the German Shepherd can go away with it, that is improper in a pet living place filled with cats, dogs, young kids and other disruptions.German Shepherd ExercisePhysical & mental stimulation are necessary for the Germans Shepherd. The German Shepherd are highly intelligent and working breed, being a working breed, the German Shepherd require any exercise to do. The German Shepherd may be as full of energy as shepherds are huge. German Shepherds should be enduring, helpful, realistic and very resolute. These dogs are brave but not needlessly violent. The German Shepherd don’t need a huge quantity of every day work out, however the German Shepherd are not the perfect dogs for apartment house dwellers or persons who survive by yourself. The German Shepherd do well with young kids and relish taking part in family undertakings like swimming, hiking, running and picnicking. Normal strolls will match the majority of German Shepherds just well; many also relish off leash frolics in protected dog areas. The German Shepherd is mostly well matched to obedience working out and they love to exercise.

Can an elderly person cope with a German shepherd?

They're high-energy, working dogs, so particularly getting a puppy would mean a lot of work. But if you get an adult from a rescue center you should be OK.

German Shepherd Rescue sites central Britain England?

There is the RSPCA but I don't suggest them as they like to bolt their GSD's. Dogs trust? Wood Green? Care Dog Shelter? Blue Cross?? The list is endless...

What is the largest cocker spaniel rescue organization in London?

There are many dog rescue organizations in London. One of the largest cocker spaniel rescue organization in London is CAESSR. This stands for the Cocker and English Springer Spaniel Rescue. There are many cocker and springer spaniels listed who are in need of good homes.

Where can you buy an Australian Shepherd?

You can buy Australian Shepherds at your local pet stores. Or better yet, rescue one. You are saving a dog's life from euthanasia when you rescue a dog.

What is the contact for Animal Rescue League?

To contact the animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh and Verona, one should phone them at (412) 345-7300. More contact information can be found at their official website.

What are some ways to help out poodle rescue organization?

Ways to help a poodle rescue organization would include donations such as blankets, food, vet gift cards, toys, and treats. Also, by adopting a poodle you are helping the organization lower its population.