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I would use two 555 timer ICs. Hook the first one up as a monostable multivibrator and the second as an astable multivibrator. The first one sets the length of duration and the second sets the frequency of the tone. Go to your local bookstore and get a copy of "IC Timer Cookbook" by Walter G. Jung. This is an excellent book and will describe the pinouts and methods of assembly.

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What are the four properties of tone?

amplitude, duration, pitch and timbre

What is the meaning of tone?

A sound of distinct pitch, quality, and duration;

What is duration?

The word "duration" indicates the time period over which an event occurs, or the amount of time an object, structure or situation exists (i.e. the duration of a war, or of a pyramid). In music, duration is the time interval over which a tone is sustained.

What are the different characteristics of a tone in music?

There are four characteristics used to determine musical tone. The characteristics of these steady periodic sounds are duration, pitch, intensity, and timbre.

In music a sound that has a definite pitch is called what?

A sound that has a definite pitch is called a tone. A tone can be characterized based on loudness or intensity, timbre or quality, pitch, and duration.

What is DTMF?

DTMF (dual tone multi frequency) is the signal to the phone company that you generate when you press a telephone's touch keys.

What are the six concepts of music?

There are only really 4 main concepts....pitch, dynamics(loudness or softness), tone color, and duration.Although....There are really 6 concepts of music PITCH, DYNAMICS + EXPRESSIVE TECHNIQUES, TONE COLOUR, DURATION, STRUCTURE and finally TEXTURE.

What was Wassily Kandinsky's illness?

Tone-colour Synaesthesia. Tone-Colour Synaesthesia is when a person listenes to music and a certain colour will come to mind. People often disagree on which colour certain sounds are as its different for everybody.

What are the four qualities of any musical sound?

pitch, duration, volume, and timbre (aka tone color)

What does the literary device 'tone' mean?

Just how a certain piece of literature's theme is approached is considered to be it's tone. See more at the related Wikipedia link listed below:

What is the importance of muscle tone?

Muscle tone refers to the continuous and passive incomplete muscle contraction. Good muscle tone is important because it helps in keeping the body in a certain posture or position.

How can different notes or pitches be produced?

A tone generator function or software synthesizer plug-in can be used to generate specific frequencies or notes.

What is sustain?

Prolong; lengthen or extend in duration or space; "We sustained the diplomatic negotiations as long as possible"; "prolong the treatment of the ..."In the music world it's known as the duration a tone is being held.

Can chimpanzees talk?

in a way they can grunt to make a certain noise and also they can remember the tone of your voice and grunt something in that tone but the overall answeer is no they can't talk.

What does modulated mean?

to regulate by or adjust to a certain measure or proportion; soften; tone down.

In Fictional writing what is the way an author conveys a certain attitude about a character or subject?


What are concepts of music?

The six concepts of music are pitch, tone colour, dynamics and expressive techniques, texture, duration and structure

Does structure and timbre mean the way the sound starts and stops?

Structure can have different meanings, but Timbre infers tone, not duration

How can sound be stopped?

1. Absorb it 2. Reflect it 3. Generate the opposite frequency (tone/pitch) to the sound energy/wave that you are trying to cancel out.

Why are antique violins so desireable?

While newer violins can have a beautiful tone, the older a violin is, it gerneally has a very deap tone colour. This tone is what makes 'antique' violins valuable, because they are older and it is hard to buy a new violin with the tone that is desirable for certain types of music.

What are the elements of sound?

There are four elements of sound. These elements are pitch, timbre, duration and intensity. Timbre is the quality of sound, pitch is a tone from a number of vibrations per second, intensity is volume, and duration is length.

Characteristics of music?

There are many characteristics of music. Some include pitch, duration, intensity, and the timbre, which is also known as the color of tone.

What is one reason Steinbeck uses parallelism in The Grapes of Wraths?

To emphasize certain images

What is the tonic syllable?

Tonic syllable is the last prominent syllable in the tone unit where the tone change begin.Tone unit is a sequence of accented syllables, one or more of which are prominent.Facts on Tone unit & Tonic Syllable:# Each tone unit contain only one tonic syllable. # Each tone unit carries one change of tone.# We mark Tone unit boundaries by placing a " rectangle " at the beginning of the Tone unit. # Tonic syllables must have a high degree of prominence. # Tonic syllables are syllables which carries a tone and also a type of stress. # Tonic syllables are also known as nucleus.* Prominence is extra emphasis given to accented syllables by means of key, volume and duration.

What is the pattern of tone and semitone in a major scale?

Tone, Tone, Semitone, Tone, Tone, Tone, Semitone.