How can you cool down your pool if it does not get much shade in the day and is 94 degrees?

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Pool Mister is a simple and best economical solution to cool swimming pool water during hot summer days. manufactured by Texas (Houston) manufacture named mistcooling just google search for poolmister, pool mister or pool cooler

Bunch of Customer reviews with installation pictures there. Check out


A fountain will cool down a pool.

We live in Texas and we have found the best method to cool our pool is run the fountains at night. The cooler night air will cool the water quicker than it would during the day. We set our pool to tun on at 2am and off at 4 am and this seems to keep the pool from getting over heated.


I use a 150 Pound block of ice to cool my pool when it gets that hot. Also try to leave the cover off of it as much as possible. in extreme cases, do a water change of at least 25% of your water using cold water. Hot water will hold more dissolved solids in it and will tend to stain a pool as it cools and the dissolved solids drop out of suspension.


See " pool cool" search. A device was invented recently in AZ. Sold commercially in many states.


You really have the following choices to consider:

1. Blocks or cubes of ice: may work for a day. Too much effort & expense for too little and no lasting benefit.

2. Mist coolers: these basically cool air and surface pool temperatures at best.

3. Heat pumps: can drop temperatures 6 to 8 degrees; yet are quite expensive and consume a considerable amount of power to run.

4. Evaporative cooling towers: a proven and green solution, i.e., no gas or freon, that cools water temperature 10-12 degrees in arid climates, and 8-10 in the humidity of the sunbelt states. Pennies a day to operate and at a fraction of the cost from it's nearest legitimate competitor (heat pumps).

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To cool an outdoor commercial pool, the best way is a fountain run at night with cooler air temperatures. The Watercannon is a device that can move around 150 GPM and reduce the temperature 10-12 degrees. Check it out at