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First of all be sure that you actually do have a leak. You said it was slow. It could be evaporating. To check evaporation losses mark the level of the pool by placing a small piece of Duct Tape at water level inside the skimmer. This tape will be removed after this test. Remove a bucket of water and set it near the pool but where animals cannot drink from it. Mark the level of the water inside the bucket. Over a period of days monitor the water level in the bucket as compared to the pool. If the level goes down the same in both, then your loss is due to evaporation. This kind of loss can be reduced by covering the pool when not in use. If the level in the pool lowers more than the bucket then you have a leak. Floor leaks will sometimes cause a soft, mushy area. Also look for damp areas around the perimeter of the pool. This may help you to narrow the search for the leak. Don't forget to remove the tape from inside the skimmer.

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Q: How can you find a slow leak in a large above ground pool that is mostly installed in ground and getting behind the liner is not an option?
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