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Contact the lender they will tell you where and when your vehicle is being auctioned.

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Q: How can you find out where your repoed vehicle will be auctioned off in the State of Ohio?
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In Ohio can a repo company charge for contents in a vehicle that is repoed?

YES, they are also responsible for items missing from the vehicle, most will cut you a check after some pestering

What are the penalties for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in Ohio?

what are the charges for unauthorized use motor vehicle in state of ohio

Where are motor vehicle license plates made for the state of Ohio?

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Does the seller of a repoed car has to tell of the sale of the car in the state of NJ?

To whom it may concern: Im not a resident of N.J. but I have repoed in mich.,ohio,and tenn. and there all supposed to do this so I would assume so does N.J. but call a local attorney to be for sure good luck.

In the state of Ohio can a husband be held financially responsible for the wife's repossessed vehicle if his name is not on the loan?

No, Ohio is not a community property state, therefore debts solely incurred by one spouse are not the responsibility of the other.

Can you register a vehicle without a title?

That varies from state-to-state and based on the type of vehicle. Most motor vehicles will need a title in most states. I know that Ohio requires only a bill of sale to register a moped. All other motor vehicles need a title for registration in Ohio. Consult with your state's BMV.

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How will filing for bankruptcy help before your car is repoed and if you are not able to file in time how soon will they garnish your wages in Ohio?

"How will filing for bankruptcy help before your car is repoed? As soon as the B/K is filed, an AUTOMATIC STAY is in force. lenders must stop ALL collection efforts. If your not able to file for bankruptcy before being repoed how long will it take for them to garnish your wages in Ohio. ": That will depend on how quickly the lender files the paperwork, the court gets to it,ect. Guesstimate?? 1-6 months.

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In the state of Ohio---what are the laws governing the issuance of a salvage title for a vehicle?

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