How can you get a Carfax report without paying for it?

Free Carfax

The most satisfying experiences will not cost any money.Money cannot buy most of the things we cherish most. This reminds me of the old proverb "the best things in life are free". It is a fact for most of it but for the rest, you guess it right, they require payment.

Now, if you are out there looking to buy a used car you might have already received this tip from a buddy of yours. Get a carfax, so they say. I would agree that it will be nice to know those important things that can impact your decision about a used vehicle through a detailed VIN number check. However it will be better if you will get it without feeling ripped off and a lot better if you get for free. Imagine getting a free carfax, you will save $40 of your hard earned money. I would rather use it to pay lunch and and a pack of gum. Well back then you do not have much of a choice you are forced to feed 40 bucks to the fox.

Fast forward decades later, Carfax got exposed. They were pushed by ABC news' top dog David Muir to confess that they do not have all the data as they claimed in their ads. Carfax also suggested that the consumers should check the vehicle thoroughly with a mechanic to make sure that it is safe and worth the price since they do not really guarante the completeness of their product. That also triggered a change in the scripting of their ads. After the airing of that investigative report, Carfax faced multiple lawsuits from hundreds of dealerships who felt that they were defrauded by the shrewd fox.

It also paved the way for smaller vehicle history providers to be out there as an alternative option. Leading the pack is VinAudit, they provide thorough vehicle history reports at an affordable price. The affordable alternative changed the climate. Their pricing is the closest that you would get to a free carfax, you can also run a free VIN check through this link

They also made it easier for the people on the go. They created an app which you can use to run a free VIN check and pull up a cheap carfax report. This dependable app is free and it is the answer to the rising demand for fast intuitive solution fit for todays setting. You can follow the steps below to get it and again this is free.

If you have an android phone

You can get it here:

a) Click on install.

b) Enter your VIN

For iPhone users

Check it here:

a) Click on install.

b) Enter your VIN

They made carfax affordable and they aim to be a free carfax source in the future. It may not happen anytime soon but right now they have already pulled the cost down significantly. Providing an opportunity for both dealers and consumers to maximize their savings. So why go 40 bucks per pop when you can go 4 bucks and not let your savings flop? You can get this awesome deal by following the link