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To apply for a loan on a paid-off vehicle, first if the "true" value is more than or the same as what you want to borrow, go to your local bank or credit union (The rules at a credit union are not as strict as a bank). They will look up the loan value on it. Based on your credit history and the loan value amount, the loan value is what they will lend you, and the car will be used as collatrel to secure the loan in case you default.

Most credit unions use the NADA book value of a car. Have yourself armed with the book value when you go to the bank, so you can show them what you know also.

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Q: How can you get a loan on a paid-off vehicle?
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For a better chance at getting the vehicle loan, increase your credit after the vehicle loan. Increasing your credit before may reduce the your vehicle loan amount.

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The best place to get a loan for a vehicle is a bank or similar financial institution.

What is entry for vehicle loan taken from a bank?

vehicle a/c debit bank loan a/c credit

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I used an old website that offered a few vehicle loan calculators. If your looking to purchase a new vehicle, its best to use the vehicle loan calculator online that way you will have a good estimate.

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If you have defaulted on your loan and not returned the vehicle, then you have basically committed a theft.

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In Virginia can you trade in a vehicle that has a title loan?

Not without a release from the loan company.

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