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Many automotive stores carry a module that you wire into the car's headlight system that will allow the headlights to run always on when the engine is running. One such example is here. (Google for Day Time Running Light Kit and you'll see several different options as well)

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Q: How can you install daytime running lights on a 2000 Ford Focus ZTS?
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How do you turn off daytime running lights on a 2002 ford focus?

Simplest solution is - locate the fuse that control the DRL circuit and pull it out.

Which wire is cut to eliminate front running light in a ford focus?

Rather than cut any wires - how about checking your fuses and simply removing the fuse that controls the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) ???

How do you permanently disable daytime running lights for the Ford Focus?

There is both a fuse and a relay in the engine compartment power panel that controls the DRL's. Simply remove either, or both. You should note that if you are in Canada, the Daytime Running Lights are MANDATORY on all vehicles sold in Canada since 1990, and disabling them may cost you a LOT of money in fines, as it is against Federal law, and the Highway Traffic Acts of most Provinces.

How do you install daytime driving lights on a 2002 Ford Focus?

My way, the simplest and most economical way, is to turn your lights on whenever you get into the car. And turn them off when you get out. If you forget to turn them off the buzzer will sound when you open your door. buy the DRL kit from a Ford Accessory site or dealership from 65.00-85.00 bucks depending on what you want (ie: just daytime lamps, or auto lamps w/ drl) I'm going to get the kit from an online accessory site and have my dealership install it. if it's a ford accessory, it's covered for 12 mo/12k miles..

What fuse for tail lights 2000 ford focus se wagon?

Running lights (left side): Fuse #47 -- Running lights (right side): Fuse #48 -- Brake lights: Fuse #54. Fuse panel is on the lower left side (underneath) the dashboard. NOTE: If it is your brake lights that are not working and fuse # 54 looks okay, check the brake light switch, it may have gone bad.

Do 2002 Ford Focus have 2 lights on license plate?

yes 2002 Ford Focus do have 2 lights on license plate

What is meaning of warning lights Ford Focus?

Amber warning light on ford focus

How do you change the brake lights on a 2000 Ford Focus 1.4?

The screws that hold the rear lights in place on a focus are inside behind the rear pillar trim

Which is the fuse for the rear lights on a 1999 ford focus?

There are more than one fuse. Which lights?

How do you turn on fog lights on a 2005 Ford Focus?

On a 2005 Ford Focus : Turn your low beam headlights on and then pull the headlight control out towards you to turn on the fog lights

Is the Ford Focus a piece of junk?

I have a 2001 Focus with 209,000 miles and it is still running well.

How do you install front wheel bearings on a 2001 Ford Focus?

How do you replace front wheel bearing on a ford focus

How do you change the front corner lights in a 2005 Ford Focus SE?

go to the lights and takethem out hahaha

Why won't the instrument panel lights and tail lights work on 2001 Ford Focus?

Check fuses-- common circuit

Dash lights and tail lights went out on 2000 focus where to start looking for problem?

In the fuse box, on the left, by the firewall.

Why wont my dim lights work on a ford focus?

The dims lights may not work on a Ford Focus if the switch is defective, the wiring is damaged, or the bulb has burnt out. If both bulbs are out, it is most likely within the wiring.

What is a good tip when driving at night?

turn on front lights and focus on road!

How do you turn on my emergency lights on a Ford Focus?

The little triangle on the dash, in the middle.

Ford Focus abs and handbrake lights on intermittently?

Check your brake pads.

How do you install rear brake pads on a 2003 ford focus?

go to

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Is there a difference with AC or DC output of Xenon lights?

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What specific fuse controls the rear tail lights on a 2001 Ford Focus ZX3?

I have a 2000 Focus Wagon. My dash lights and tailights are on same fuse labeled in the book as back up lamps. In my fuse box it is #32. .

Why is Ford Focus running lean?

Perhaps a clogged fuel filter.

How do you install cruise control into a Ford Focus?

my advise would to be have somne one do it for you as u can mess alot of stuff up and install a virus