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Leave the car running. Raise the end that you want to lower to where the vehicle is just above level. This will make the height sensor tell the control module that the end of the vehicle you raised is too high. The control module will open the solenoids in the struts, and open the solenoid at the compressor. Once the air is successfully purged. About 2 minutes. You can then shut the vehicle off. Turn the air ride switch off. Lower the vehicle.

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Q: How can you let the air out of the air shocks on a 1991 Lincoln Continental without letting the air out on 1 side 1 by 1?
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What shocks can replace the air ride shocks on 1996 Lincoln continental?

spring struts

Can fix a flat repair leaking air shocks for a 2001 Lincoln Continental?


Where to put air in the 1998 Lincoln Continental air shocks?

OEM air suspension? on board compressor

What is the best suspension for smooth and comfort ride?

Depends on what you're driving. Most cars have gas shocks and some have air shocks. Air shocks are more comfortable, with an automatic leveller, as in Lincoln Continental, in my opinion.

Does a 1991 Lincoln Continental have both struts and shocks?

It may very well have shocks in the rear or it may have the Air Ride system. Crawl under the car and look see.

Does your 1988 Lincoln town car have shocks or struts in the front?

A 1988 Lincoln Towncar has shocks in the front.

What is the rubber squeaking noise from front suspension on a 2000 Lincoln Continental?

It's either the control arm bushings or the rubber mounts for the shocks.

Could you replace air shocks in a 97 Lincoln mark vii with regular shocks?

You have to replace with springs and shocks

1996 Lincoln Continental which has dropped completely to the ground what is an inexpensive way to raise it back up?

You might try installing a set of coilover shocks for about $75.

How do you change from air ride to springs on a 97 Lincoln Continental?

Auto parts stores sell a kit with springs and shocks that replaces the rear air bags with springs. Been there, done that.

Does your 2000 Lincoln town car have shocks or struts?


Delflating air ride in 1993 Lincoln Continental?

one of the bags is broken or something wrong with the lines just go to shocks! i have a 93 and a replaces the front bags 2 times or each side in two years i just took some shocks off of a some other car

Where is the sensor for the air suspension in a 1994 Lincoln Continental?

the air suspension sensors for each air shocks are located on the top of each air strut, two in the trunk and the other two under the hood.

How do you troubleshoot 1991 Lincoln air shocks?

Go to forums.

Does a 98 Lincoln Town Car have struts or shocks in the front?

There are shock absorbers in the front on a 1998 Lincoln Town Car

Do 1989 Lincoln town cars have shocks?

Yes, one at each wheel

Installed new air compressor in Lincoln mark viii it will only run about 6 seconds and shuts off?

It comes on long enough for the shocks to fill up and then shuts off. Is your car raised when it shuts off? If the shocks are in good shape without leaks, that's usually the time the compressor takes to pump up the shocks.

Can miata shocks be changed without special tools like the old shocks?

Not if they are struts - need a spring compressor

How do you install the shocks and struts on a 1998 Lincoln Continental?

Good luck doing that yourself since Continentals have an electronic air bag suspension, your better off bringing it to a mechanic, if you bust one of those air bags its $400 per bag, my advise take it in. Not all lincoln continentals have air ride.

How long can can you drive without air shocks?


Is there a cheap easy way to fix the air ride suspension on a 1993 Lincoln Continental?

Buy strutmasters for either the front or back or both. I replaced the rear air shocks on my 1995 town car with them and they are great for the price. Go to and check them out.

When converting the Lincoln navigator air bags to coils do i also need rear shocks?


What other lincolns can you use to change the air suspension to regular shocks in a 1995 Lincoln mark 8?

None but some people use the T-Bird springs and shocks.

Can you replace regular shocks with air shocks and leave in the air bags on a 1994 Lincoln town car?

You could do that. The air shocks would have to be manually inflated. You may run into a competition between the manually leveling system and the automatic levilng system.

How do you replace the air shocks on a 1993 Lincoln Town Car?

First, you must know that the Lincoln Towncar does not have air shocks. Instead, it has air bags. What this means is that in place of steel springs your Lincoln has rubber cushions that are filled with air, known as air bags. This link will take you to the answer you seek: