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How can you lose weight quickly if you are not having good results from trying to starve yourself?

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From your question, I imagine that the purpose of you, starving yourself is to lose weight. If your goal is to lose weight, you are doing more harm than good. Yes, you will loose weight from starvation, but your body will go into self preservation mode, and sooner or later, you will begin to eat again. Your body will now "store" almost everything you eat, and you will soon gain back all the weight that you lost plus more. You will do better by eating many small meals throughout the day. Eat all of the fruit or vegetable that you like. Walk about half a mile a day until you can walk or run more. Lift weight every other day. Without knowing it you are extremely foolish and could end up Anorexic or Bulimic! Don't roll those eyes because there are more and more young women out there with this problem. It starts out where the young woman feels she's fat and hates the look of her body imagine. To many others she may be the perfect weight and very attractive, but she sees herself as over-weight. From the young to the elderly (in nursing homes) one thing EVERYONE can control is if they decide to eat and get very fat, or decide not to eat and get thin. By starving your body it will start to feed off itself. The above poster is correct in saying you should eat a well balanced diet, exercise (and drink 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water because it flushes fat and toxins out of the body.) Do it the smart way and get help from "Weight Watchers" which teaches you the tools to eat healthy and be the weight you should be for your height and body structure. Good luck hon

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Can you starve yourself?

No you can't starve yourself.

Will you starve yourself?

No you won't starve yourself.

How do you safely starve yourself?

There is no save way to starve yourself.

Is it hard to starve yourself?

Yes it is hard to starve yourself.

How do you use starve in a sentence?

When I get home from school I starve, but I quickly have something to eat.

How do you not starve yourself?


Is it worth it to starve yourself at age 13?

No. Never starve yourself at any age, it will have long term physical effects.

How do you lose lovehadles?

Starve yourself...

How long do you have to starve yourself to lose 50 pounds?

You do not starve yourself. That would be foolish. You eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Is it easy to lose weight by not eating?

No. It will be painfully difficult to starve yourself and you will have worse results compared to simply eating healthier or reducing the amount you eat.

You dont know whever you should starve yourself or no?

never starve yourself! that is completely unhealthy! if you want to lose weight talk to your doctor.

Do skinnier girls start their period later?

Not if they are skinny by nature. The menstruation can be delayed or stay away of you starve yourself or lose or gain weight quickly but not if you are healthy.

Do thin girls start their periods later?

Not if they are thin by nature. The menstruation can be delayed or stay away of you starve yourself or lose or gain weight quickly but not if you are healthy.

What would happen if you starved yourself?

It'll be hard for you to do anything. If you starved yourself, you'll be dead soon. You may also becomes tired, dizzy, having headache, or become a skinny person. I would not suggest to starve yourself for dying or suicide yourself. I'm having a happy life for me :D

What is it called when you starve yourself?

Anorexia Nervosa

What is anarectic?

Eating disorder where you starve yourself.

How much weight can you lose on a water diet?

You can lose a lot of weight very quickly. But there's a catch. Once you start putting foods in your body you will put on the weight you lost... and then some. Starving yourself is a truly terrible idea. And if you try to starve for too long, you will start bingeing when your body/brain override your desire to starve yourself and lose weight. My recommendation: eat healthy and work out many times a week. It might not be as fast, but you will have lasting results.

What happens when you starve yourself while pregnant?

You should not starve during the pregnancy. On the contrary you should take nutritious food during pregnancy. The mother and baby, both suffer adversely, when you starve yourself during pregnancy.

How do you lose 4 pounds in a week?

starve yourself

How long can you starve yourself without passing out?

About a week.

Is it good to have stopped eating?

No you shouldn't starve yourself.

What would happen if their were no producers?

Consumers would starve very quickly.

How can you starve and stop your hunger pains?

You should not starve yourself, it is bad for your health and the pain will go away if you eat something.

Is it bad to starve yourself?

Yes. It is actually very unhealthy.

What kind of eating disorder is it when you starve yourself?

anorexia nervosa

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