How can you lose wieght fast?

You can't lose weight fast but here are some ways you can lose weight faster not fast but faster.

drink 8 glasses of water a day,,have yogurt everyday,,do 15 push-ups,sit-ups,burpees and runup and down your flight of stairs,,have a bowl of cereal for breakfast and lunch with a low-cal supper,,don't eat after 8,,eat spicey food,,have a cup of green tea before bed,,and when your eating have a glass of ice water with your food because when you have something icey with hot food it will burn the callories faster,,don't forget to move around alot,,and when you feel a craving coming on between meals for a snack try a protein bar or some fruits and veggies,,but remember move around run,walk to the mall and wat not

Well... drinking a lot of water and exercising really do work. Diets work as long as you use them CORRECTLY. I wouldn't suggest diet pills. Monitoring your diet and exercising are REALLY important and will work. Even walking 30 minutes a day will help out A LOT. :)