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put an expansion chamber on it You can install a big bore kit, shave the heads, pro cut the piston, and have it ported and polished.

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Q: How can you make a 2-stroke 125cc dirt bike go faster?
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What is faster a pitbike or a dirt bike?

a racing 2stroke dirt bike

Who is the best on a 125cc dirt bike?

Kawasaki is the best 125cc dirt bike. Hopefully this link will helps you.

Whats the difference of a 50 cc dirt bike and a 125cc dirt bike?

The size or displacement of the engine, 50cc versus 125cc.

Do you run strait gas in a dirt bike?

if you have a 4stroke dirt bike you run straight gas ,if you have a 2stroke dirt bike you run mixed gas

What is the seat height of a 125cc dirt bike?

34 in

Does a 125cc dirt bike with an 80cc frame go faster than a 125cc dirt bike?

yes the 125 with the 80 frame is goin to go a little bit faster because it is light it probaly feels like it has more torque too because it will pop up wheelies faster but probaly the 125 with the cr 80 frame.

Is a 125cc 2 stroke dirt bike the same as a 250cc 4 stroke dirt bike?

im not sure about that but i can say that a 2 stroke 125cc is faster than a 125cc 4 stroke and probably 200cc too. a 125cc 2 stroke would throw you off the back if you cant handle it properly, where as the 4 stroke wouldn't scare the living daylights out of you

What is the age limit for riding a 125cc dirt bike in nc?

there are no age limits for dirt bike. but there are recomendations for size

Is a 85cc dirt bike faster than a 125cc dirt bike?

no not in most cases unless it was geared verry high like where some one had to push you to get going if it was stalk gear ratio no possible way

How fast does a 125cc dirt bike go in km?

1 km

How fast does a 125cc dirt bike go in mph?

My son and me both have one and can get 50mph on dirt .

Can I ride a 125cc dirt bike in the bike lane?

No. That's a motorcycle. Motorcycle are to be ridden with the cars.

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