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How can you make an account for renren?


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August 01, 2011 6:34AM

If you cannot read Chinese you will have to use translating software to translate the main page first. Internet browsers such as Google Chrome come standard with this feature.

Once you know which button you need to click you can now head to the registration sign up sheet, you will need a valid email address, a password, and a Chinese name.

This part can be tricky if you do not already have a Chinese name or a keyboard able to write in Chinese. You can get a Chinese name on various websites that will base it on your existing name, however you will need a website that gives the name in text form so that it can be copy-pasted back onto the registration form. You can also search for a virtual keyboard to type Chinese characters, although I do not know how you would use it once you have it.

You now have a Chinese name that is valid, if it does not work go back and get another Chinese name from a different website.

The last hurdle that you need to get over as the non-Chinese speaking person trying to sign up for renren is the verification code, as this will be in the form of a few Chinese characters in a picture you will need a human being who actually reads/writes Chinese to do this final step.