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Yes buy using a wet under water repair kit

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How can you stop water pockets from forming behind the liner of your inground pool?

1. determine where your pool is leaking (liner or plumbing) and repair.

How many years should an inground pool liner last?

The reality is that the average inground pool liner will last 8-12 years.

Can PVC glue be used to repair a vinyl pool liner?

NO! You want to use a glue specifically designed for underwater vinyl liner repair. It can be purchased at most pool supply stores.

What is a cheap way to repair a 12 in x 12 in section of an inground pool liner?

Remove the old damaged liner and install a new one.

How do you fix a leak in a vinyl pool?

Use an underwater liner repair kit available at a pool supply store. The better solution is to use a piece of liner that matches the liner in your pool instead of the clear patch in the repair kits. Simply cut it to fit, round out the corners, and apply the glue from the store bought kit. The repair can be done underwater.

What is the cost of a 16X32 inground pool with a liner?

The cost of a 16 x 32 inground pool with a liner varies somewhat depending on the shape of the pool. The average cost of this type of pool is between 6000 dollars and about 8000 dollars.

How do you get air pockets from behind the pool liner for below ground pools?

air pocket behind pool liner inground

How do you find in inground swimming pool liner?

They don't make them for in ground.

What would you have to do if the liner in your inground pool is filled with rainwater?

Filter it then swim in it.

Can you replace the coping for an inground pool without replacing the liner?


Is there a way to patch a swimming pool that has water in it?

Yes, you can. The type of patching would depend on what kind of pool it is - vinyl or concrete - and what it is that needs patching. You can use a piece of pool liner and underwater liner repair glue to patch a vinyl liner (I prefer to not use the clear patch material that comes in most store bought liner repair kits, but the glue is ok to use). If it is a concrete shell, you would use a 2-part underwater epoxy made for pool repair. If the pool is a fiberglass shell, you will likely need to empty the pool to make an effective patch.

Can holes over a foot in diameter in an inground vinyl liner be patched or does the liner have to be replaced?

Your best luck with a hole that large is going to be if its against a hard surface in the pool, IE: floor area , wall area below water. You have nothing to loose , your going to most likely need a great underwater glue and very large patch material, avail from a pool professional. A good underwater glue and site is Union Labs, Inc. No more underwater ice hockey with a liner pool either. They also have an email avail and can direct you to a dealer in your area or online site for purchase. good swimmng You may also want to visit and check on their Underwater Glue. Visit the FAQ's that describe how to repair a pool liner underwater.

Can you patch the corners of a 20ft - 30ft inground vinyl pool liner that has big rips?

No. Replace the liner.

What adhesive to use patching a vinyl liner in inground pool?

There is special adhesive for this,sold in pool maintenance stores.

How do you stop an inground liner from floating?

Make sure the water around the pool is lower than the water in the pool..

What inground pool liner makes the water look aqua?

An aqua colored one?

Footprints on bottom of inground pool liner?

I had an inground pool installed. We just turned on the lights at night and noticed footprints on the bottom. Can this be fixed? Call the pool company back. The bottom is normally sand mixed with cement. The liner will probably have to be removed and bottom smoothed. They should have checked that before installing the liner. Those printswi catch sediment and debris for the life of the liner.

What is the best way to determine if your pool liner is leaking?

Is this an above ground pool or an inground pool? The type of pool you have will determine the best way to answer your question.

Is it possible to change a concrete pool into a liner pool if your inground concrete pool has cracks along the side down near the bottom?

Yes it can be done

Where can you find replacement steps for a ladder for a Spartan brand vinyl liner inground swimming pool?

Some pool companys are not in business. most all inground pools have the same size treads..

How much does a liner pool cost?

There is no way to answer that question here. It depends upon whether it is an inground or above ground pool, the quality of the liner, the size and shape of the pool, whatever customization is needed, and the company you are buying it from.

Can termites cause inground swimming pool liner damage?

Termites can and do cause damage to pool liners.....The trmites will come through cracks in the vermiculite and actually eat through a liner.

How to Repair holes in aluminum pool coping?

I have little holes in my inground pool coping how do I fix it caulk?

How do you repair corroding aluminum walls in your inground pool?

When alluminium corrodes it needs to be replaced you cant repair it.

How can you find above ground pool repair in your area that installs liner?

google above ground pool repair