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The TPS is usually held in place by a couple of fasteners and one or two wire connectors that can only be put one one way. You should not have any problem replacing it.

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2005-10-03 19:24:18
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Q: How can you replace the throttle position sensor own your own?
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Why 2.5l ford ranger engine revving up on its own?

my guess is the throttle position sensor it on the top of the intake manifold 2 bolts hold it one

You own a Toyota Camry that has a choking down sound when at a complete stop but never chokes down?

Try cleaning the throttle body (you can get throttle body cleaner in virtually any auto parts store), looks like you have problems with idle control valve to throttle position sensor. Both of them are located at the throttle body.

Where is the throttle position sensor located on a Oldsmobile silhouette?

Hi all, I own one so I know where it is. Follow the four inch air hose leading from the air filter back toward the engine. Looking at the van from the front the filter is on the drivers side. Just above the manifold you will see where the throttle cables attach to a cam like item. Look behind the throttle body and you will see a sensor like device with four wires. Just under that sensor you will see another sensor with connector that has yellow rubber seal. That sensor will have three wires. That is your throttle prositon sensor. Good luck.

Where is the throttle position sensor located?

With the engine off, have a friend press down on the accelerator pedal and let it up a few times while you watch under the hood.You'll typically need to remove some of the air filter and intake hoses to watch the throttle cable function, but note where the throttle opens and closes as your friend presses on the pedal.The shaft that goes through the butterfly AND THE BUTTERFLY valve are called the throttle. The sensor will be connected to one end of that shaft or the other, and there will be a wire that leads to the computer. All vehicle manufacturers have their own way of doing things, you have to figure out what's going on in YOUR vehicle.The throttle position sensor is usually located on the end of the throttle shaft on the opposite side of the throttle cable.

What is trouble code p1120 - p0120 and the Throttle Position Sensor - TPS - Windstar?

The trouble code #P1120 means:Throttle motor position sensor 1-Circuit malfunction Major auto parts chain told me my TSP (Throttle position sensor) was bad due to the Check Engine Llight (CEL) being lit up - a P1120 DTC.$40 and 10 minutes to replace - ((_#*&$ light came right back. A few days ago, after doing some more reading & investigating of my own, I bought a $4 can of throttle body spray cleaner - used 1/2 the can on my 98 Sable - voila! CEL is gone again! Since this sensor is located at the top of the engine, it is very likely you will be able to replace it yourself.Ask at auto parts store to see a diagram of the part's location. The throttle position sensor, TPS, is mounted on the front of the throttle body with 2 screws, and has a 3 wire connector going into it.The throttle body is the metal unit the air filter housing connects to on the left-side, and also has the gas pedal cables going into it.Simply disconnect the wire harness, remove the 2 screws (tighten a bit before unscrewing to break them loose) - reverse steps to install.Note that has detailed testing procedures that appear easy enough to confirm if the TPS requires replacement. See "Related Links" below. It is attached with 2 screws to the front of the throttle-body - top side of the engine. Rather small with a 2 wire connector going to it.Easiest part to access where the air duct attaches to the throttle body. I believe the voltage is supposed to be 0.5 closed and 5.0 open once that is obtained use a OBD scan tool to clear the code or disconnect the battery long enough to reset it however if you disconnect the battery it will take 40 to 100 miles of travel on the road to pick up all the sensors again and this can sometimes be a head ache TPS IS THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR

Why would your Audi A4 increase acceleration on its own?

several things could cause it. a sticking throttle cable (if its not a drive by wire system/available after 01) a stuck injector a stuck throttle body or possibly a short in the cruise control system mine kept increasing speed on it's own and it was the temperature sensor telling the computer that the car was still running cold so the computer was putting more fuel to the engine,nz$250 to replace sensor now running perfect

Why would a car hesitate when at a stop?

If your car hesitates when the brakes are applied, and or when you are driving it acts like it is giving itself gas, or accelarating on its own, The problem is your Throttle Position Sensor(TPS). It costs about $34.00 at autozone, and only takes about 10minutes to replace. sounds like you need a tune up. could possible be fuel filter or fuel pump. sounds like you need to replace fuel filter, air cleaner, and maybe a tune up

Where is the iat sensor on a VW jetta?

They are located usual;ly on the intake manifold somewhere. If you own a 1.8T model, it is on the intake manifold near the Throttle Body.

Where is the crankshaft position sensor located on a 1996 Hyundai accent?

Crank Angle Sensor (location)i own a 98 Hyundai accent and the crankshaft position sensor is located just underneath the far right spark plug if your looking from the front of the car,about 5"-8". hope this helps.

What can cause acceleration on a Honda civic on its own while on drive?

check for throttle cable binding on the throttle body, if it jumps out of track it can often cause uncontrolled acceleration while in gear...if not that it could possibly be caused by a sensor beginning to go bad

How do you replace a speed sensor on a Isuzu Rodeo?

the sensor is in the back of the rear differintial u need to check the wires running back by the right rear tire for breaks as this problem was apparent on my own 1993 rodeo other than that the sensor unplugs from the harness and is very easy to remove and replace

Why does 2000 Impala accelerate on its own?

I have been chasing this problem for a while now on my dad's 04 impala with the 3.4. So far I have learned of three things that can cause this problem. 1- IAC or idle air control valve 2- TPS or throttle position sensor 3- IAT or intake air temp sensor Maybe this will help you out when I finally figure this one out I will try to post again.

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