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The below is correct. The only other option you have is to go to the dealership and give them what they call your Audio system serial number. This is how you get it, first turn on your vehicle. Then to access the serial number, turn the radio on. It must display "CODE"(not "ERR1" if you attempted to guess the code), then turn the radio off by pushing the power button(you will have a blank screen). Push the preset1, preset 6 and radio power buttons at the same time, then quickly release. If done correctly you will get a 10-digit serial number displayed in increments of 5 digits at a time. Write this number down and take it to your dealership in order to get your 5-digit radio code.No need to go to or call the rip off dealership or pay anyone for free info. Once you have the Uxxxx Lxxxx code from the steps described in the last post, take just the 8 (numbers) without the U and L, and go to

Retrieve Unlock Codes for

Radio and Navigation Devices

Retrieving Your CodeYou can retrieve your code using this website by providing identity verification and vehicle information in a few simple steps. Information You Will Need
  • Vehicle VIN Number
  • Phone Number and Zip Code matching those on file
  • Device Serial Number
You can retrieve your code using this website during the following hours:Monday to Friday 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)

4:00 AM to 6:30 PM on Saturdays PST

4:00 AM to 9:00 PM PST on Sundays.

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Q: How can you reset the radio on a 2004 Honda Pilot Please help you have no manual?
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What is the code to reset the radio in a 2007 Honda Pilot?

The code varies from car to car. You will need to contact the local Honda dealership to see if they can provide you the code to reset the Pilot's radio.

How do you program the Honda Pilot radio code?

You don't program it, you simply insert the code with the radio presets.

How do get code for the radio in a crv 2008 if the car manual is missing?

If the manual is missing getting the code for a 2008 Honda Cr-v radio require making a trip to the dealership. The techs at an authorized Honda dealership will program the radio.

How do you remove a Honda jazz radio?

One might look to a Chilton manual or the car manual to learn how to remove a Honda jazz radio. The best way to have a radio removed from any car is to take it to a car audio technician and get the radio removed and or replaced.

Somebody can help me my radio pilot Honda 2004 need a code?

I needed the code for my radio about a month ago, I called my Honda dealer with my VIN and they gave me the code for the radio.

How do you get a radio code for 2008 Honda Pilot?

The radio's serial number is necessary when you contact Honda (800 number or local dealer) and request the code number to that particular radio. I don't own a Pilot but I've heard that some Honda radios will display the radio's serial number when you hold down buttons 1 and 6 simultaneously and turn it on.

How do you reset your Honda radio after the car battery died?

To reset the radio in your Honda you will need the security code for the radio. This usually is included in the car's manual or you can also go to Honda's website and input your car's VIN number to retrieve the code. Once you have the code the car manual will walk you through the steps of resetting the radio.

No manual for 1998 Honda crv replaced battery and need code to reset radio?

The code needed to reset the radio is the model number on top of the radio. The you must call a Honda dealer to get the code. If you are the original owenr or have the owners manual, the code may be in the written in the manual. i need to know how to enter the code on the radio the radio reads ERR 3

How do you reset the radio on a 2003 Honda Pilot you have the code?

The battery was removed from my 2003 Honda Pilot and the garage forgot to reset the radio. I do not have the manual and I need instructions to reset the radio please. I do have the code. Thanks J Thomas The Radio has several buttons with numbers on them. These number can be used to set a pre-set number for the station you want. Dial the station you want to set, press and hold the pre-set number about 3 seconds. You will hear a beep, indicating the selection has been set. This can be done for each band. Press the Band to change to another band, then select your pre-set.

What radio station do you put it on for the whole car to listen to DVD player in Honda pilot?

FM 88.3

Where can you find a radio wire diagram for a 1991 Honda Accord?

radio diagramobtain a factory Honda service manual and it will be in there with wire colors. will also have wire diagrams for the vehicle for 11.99 Helms and Chilton manual may have them also

Where can you find a radio wire diagram for a 2007 Honda Accord?

A radio wire diagram for this car can be found in the car's maintenance manual. This manual can be found in an automotive store.?æ

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