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How can you stop a 1 to 2 quart a day oil leak from a main bearing seal on a Chrysler?

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Only by replacing the seal. Just dive in and do it, waiting will only make the problem worse.

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How do you fix oil leak in main bearing seal 1997 Toyota Camry?

You need to replace the oil seal.

What are signs to look for before replacing the rack and pinion on a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser?

The main reason to replace the rack is a fluid leak.

What is the main bearing spec for a Detroit diesel engine?

main bearing whats happens when goin out

How much will it cost to repair a rear main seal leak in a 1994 Chrysler Lebaron?

Front (side away from transmission) is cheaper by far. Around $100.00 is my GUESS.

What is the main bearing bolt torque for Nissan TD 27?

The main bearing bolt torque for the Nissan TD 27 is 70 lbs ft. This is the bearing to the block.

What are the Torque specs 1977 mercruiser 4-cylinder Chevy rod bearing and main bearing?

The rod bearing torque spec from mercruiser is 45 lb there is no spec that i can find for the main bearing caps.

Why does a rear main seal leak if it was replaced a year ago in a 1999 Honda accord?

Worn out main bearings, PCV valve not working. If it is a straight stick then the thrust bearing on the crankshaft may also be worn out letting the crank move in and out.

What happens if you put about 5 oz of 5w 30 engine oil in power steering reservoir?

Oil will not handle the heat, main pully bearing will heat and burn out causing pump to leak

2000 ford 300 6 cylinder rear main seal change do i need to remove main bearing cap?

You should not need to remove the main bearing cap, in order to replace the rear main seal. The rear main seal will come off without touching the main bearing cap.

How do you tell if main thrust bearing is bad?

You can tell if the main thrust bearing is bad by simply checking out the oil. If you notice little metal particles, chances are the thrust bearing has spoiled.

Why do water leak before coming to your house?

Because there is a leak in the pipe of the water main.

What is the rod bearing and main bearing torque on a 1991 Toyota Tercel 3E motor?

rod bearing Toyota tercel 87

Is the rear bearing on a 2003 silverado 1500 a pressed bearing?

Don't understand your question...... If you mean the rear main bearing in the engine ... then NO.

What are the torque setting of the main bearing caps and rod bearing caps on a Toyota 2C Engine bolt main block?

the torque setting for the the main bearings of the Toyota 2c engine is 103 Nm. The rid bearing caps are 59 Nm

Show where thrust bearing is located?

The thrust bearing is located in the crankshaft journal. usually in the center main cap. Although sometimes toward the front or rear it is recognizable, the only main bearing with sides.

Will oil be leaking from your car if your head gaskets are blown like in your driveway?

There are quite a few possibilities when the head gasket blows. In one scenario the exhaust gases will leak into the crankcase causing elevated pressure and the pressurized exhaust gas will take oil vapor out through the main bearing seals since the main bearing seals are not designed to operate under that kind of pressure.

Putzmisiter rotating bearing for main boom column pump 43m?

we are looking for putzmisiter rotating bearing for main boom colum pump 43m

What are the torque specs for 1999 Saturn dohc main bearing caps?

The 1999 Saturn main bearing cap torque specifications are 160 pounds per square inch. The main bearing cap bolts should be torqued in 40 pound intervals.

What does a motor bearing do?

A main bearing gives the crankshaft a smooth surface to spin on, and a rod bearing, provides a surface for the connecting rod to rotate on.

What holds the crankshaft in position as it rotates?

The main bearings and main bearing caps.

What are the torque specs for a vortec Chevy 350 two bolt main?

Main bearing torque on 98 Chevy 350 4 bolt main?? The main bearing caps should be torqued to 70 ft. lbs.

What are bearing caps?

You have rod bearing caps that hold the rods on the crankshaft. And you also have main bearing caps that hold the crankshaft in the engine block. NEUTZ.

How do you change the rear main seal in 1991 jeep Cherokee with a 4.0?

The oil pan must be removed along with the rear main bearing cap. The rear main seal is loacated under the rear main bearing cap.

2002 chrysler town and country 3.3 engine oil leak changed oil pan gasket twice with auto parts store gasket not sure if its gasket or rear seal leak is dripping off fly wheel?

If it is dripping out of the transmission bell housing, then yes it is probably the rear main seal.

Why is water coming out from under the slab foundation?

you may have a septic system leak or a water main leak