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A carbine is a rifle with a relatively short barrel. If you have a carbine receiver it's for a rifle. There are lots of 9mm carbines out there. Here is a link to some photos Hope that helps.

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Q: How can you tell if receiver for 9 mm carbine is for a rifle or a pistol?
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How do you check the serial number on an Iver Johnson 9mm carbine to tell if it is a pistol or rifle receiver?

All IJ 9MM carbines are rifles. The receiver itself is not for a firearm, it is the firearm, missing some important other parts though, legally it is the firearm itself. The word carbine would indicate that it is more towards the rifle side of things, but a carbine in itself is a shortened easy handling rifle.

Does the year of the silver dollar fixed to the left side of the receiver of a model 94 AE commemorative saddle carbine reflect the year of manufacture of the rifle or are the coins chosen at random?

the sn of the rifle will tell you when it was made, nothing else.

Can you please tell me how much a 22 long rifle with serial k 259 754 is worth?

Not unless you tell if it is a rifle or pistol and who made it.

What is the age of a colt serial number 39166?

You must tell us what it is (pistol, shotgun, rifle) and all markings.

How can i tell how old my sturm ruger 22 cal. long rifle automatic pistol is?

by serial number

How do you tell if sks rifle receiver is stamped or milled?

SKS receivers are milled. AK receivers can be stamped or milled.

can anyone tell you what a Belgium 22 caliber automatic rifle with engravings of woohchuck's on one side of the receiver and squirrell's on the other with ducks engraved on top of the receiver conditi?

50-650 usd

What is the history on a etts continsouza mle-m-16 gun?

I have one of them(only the metal part) found in Gallipoli. I need the answer too. French Berthier rifle model 1916, either carbine or rifle (rifle is about 51" or so). Based on the Berthier 1907 rifle or 1892 carbine (on which the 1907 was based), but with a 5-round magazine (although those markings may appear on the receiver of a rifle/carbine with a 3-round magazine depending on when it was assembled. Available parts were used.) Berthier 1907 was, in turn, based on the Berthier 1892 carbine. Produced to back-fill French troops during WWI after the Lebel Rifles fell into short supply due to German advances and the Berthier 1907/15 was found to be lacking due to its 3-round magazine. Shoots 8mm Lebel. As you can probably tell by now, the history is somewhat complicated. It continues to be so as the rifles were further modified and continued to serve into WWII.

What year was this browning gun made serial 14041?

No way to tell without you including the model number or name along with a description of the firearm in question? Is it a shotgun,rifle,pistol,or .22cal rifle?

Rock Island 1903 rifle with SN 423325 and a b arrel date of 7-18 Can you tell me when the receiver was manufactured?

1920 or after......................

What is the value of my Thompson auto-ordnance 45 semi automatic serial 07416?

You need to tell us what model of what firearm. Auto Ordnance made a .45 cal semiauto carbine and a 1911A1 pistol.

How can you tell the difference from carbine or rifle barrels?

"Carbine", "rifle", and even "submachinegun" really come down to how the manufacturer and the user describe them. In the case of the CAR-15 and M4, they're shortened forms of the M16 rifle, so why they're considered carbines is quite easy to understand. Much different story in the case of the Chinese, who manufacture two firearms designated the Type 56 - the Type 56 carbine, which is the SKS rifle, and the Type 56 rifle, which is the AK rifle. In spite of the SKS being longer than the AK (both in barrel and in overall length), the SKS is designated as the carbine to the Chinese. One possible reason may be that, compared to the standard service weapons of the time - which were generally bolt action or semi-automatic rifles firing full power cartridges - the intermediate 7.62x39 cartridge and comparatively shorter length of the SKS vs. standard service rifles at the time made it a carbine, comparatively. Then there's a case of the HK53 - a shortened form of the HK33 (itself, a scaled down version of the G3), firing the 5.56x45 cartridge. By most standards, it would be considered a carbine. But the manufacturer designated it as a submachinegun. So it's really a simple matter of what the manufacturer wishes to call it. The M16, had it been applied in its intended role, would probably have been considered a carbine. The M16 was originally intended to replace the M1 and M2 carbine, with the AR-10 accompanying it as a standard service rifle to replace the M1 Garand.

What is the value of a us model 1873 Springfield trap door with a short forearm and long barrel?

there are (basically) two types of trapdoors. The rifle and the carbine. (There is also a cadet model) The rifle barrel is 32 5/8" long and the carbine barrel is 22" long. Since you say 'short forearm' it would appear you have a carbine. Measure the barrel to be sure. As to value, it would depend on overall condition, finish, serial number (when it was made) bore and wood...................send me the full serial number and I will tell you when it was made.

On COD5 you can only get to round 4 on nazi zombies could someone tell you some things that could make you better?

as soon as you get 1950 point open the door and get a mystery gun at the start i recommend to start with pistol and get the m1a1 carbine to survive tell you get 1950 points

How old is a Belgian Browning with serial number 7X5235?

You'll have to tell what it is (rifle, shotgun, pistol) or go to and look up the sn under the customer service button.

How old is your Remington 22 rifle serno403892?

No way to tell. Remingtons are dated by a 2 or 3 LETTER code stamped on the left side of the barrel, half inch from the receiver.

What is the value of a Winchester model 64 30-30?

I will need to know when it was made, and the serial number will tell me that. Thise that were made prior to WW II are worth more than those made after the War. Additionaly, it is important to know which variant it is (e.g. Sporting Rifle, Deer Rifle (deluxe stocks with checkering), Carbine (20-inch barrel versus the standard 24-inch), or a Deluxe Carbine. Bert H.

How do you tell when your Remington 514 single shot 22 rifle was made?

To find out when your Remington 514 single shot 22 rifle was made look on the left side of the barrel near the receiver. There will be a manufacturerÕs code in that area which will indicate the month and year of production.

Ruger 22cal long rifle automatic pistol serial 93769what can you tell me about it such as age and estimated value?

10-1000 USD depending on specifics. You will have to call Ruger for the ship date

What is the year of manufacture of a ruger 22 cal long rifle automatic pistol serial 260790?

Ruger will tell you over the phone. If you can access the Ruger webiste, the data you want is also there.

What is the value of a Browning 22 rifle from the 1960s?

Depends on what grade the rifle is. Grade I, II or III? Grade I = Standard Grade, Grade II has engraved prarie dogs and squirrels, Grade III has dogs flushing some ducks and a dog with a duck in its mouth on the top of the receiver. You can tell what year the rifle is by the serial number.

Can you tell me about a sako AII 243 rifle?

Great rifle.

What is the value of a Daisy Model 110 Target Special Pistol?

Your question is a little confusing. I know that Daisy made a 110 Air Force rocket command BB Rifle and models 747 Target pistol, model 777 Target pistol, a model 62 Target pistol and a model 118 Targeteer pistol. but I know of no 110 Target special pistol. However, I suggest you contact Daisy and ask them. Daisy offers a free service to tell you more about your old Daisy See the link below

Colt pistol with the numbers 176821 can you tell me how old it is?

can you tell me the model ??????????

How do you tell what cal sn 3991 rifle is?

First, it would help to figure what the rifle itself is - the serial number does not tell that.