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Many times people who lie all of the time, may begin to believe their own lies. Generally, people who lie do not look you in the eye or have a tendency to embellish the lie. This could be a clue. =Answer= Because we don't know ourselves 100% we can't be expected to know another person 100%. Some signs are the person asking you out, making an excuse to break the date and you find out either from someone else or you see it with your own eyes that this person was out on the night of your. You have to simply be aware of what they say, do and see if it jives. To ask this question you must already have your suspicions and the only thing you can do other than second-guessing the person (bad move) is to catch them in the act of a lie. The other poster is absolutely correct in saying that people who lie can begin to believe their own lies. I would like to add that some people have lived extraordinary lives and it may sound over the top to you, but it could be true, so go slow and try to prove this person is lying (if they are.)

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Q: How can you tell if somebody constantly lies to you?
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