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Sounds like the catalatic converter is either pluging up or starting to fail. Either way if this is the problem it will either start having worse performance or just stop runing entirly.

I had this same problem and it was a faulty fuel injector. Check to see if it is wet around any of your fuel injectors.

I have a 1992 q45 I had the same problem i changed my back cats and it still did the same thing coul it be my front ones to

I have a 1995 Mazda 626, I have a similar problem. It dies right at 15 seconds after I hit the gas and remain at 3500 RPM, and I can hardly get up a hill. I have already changed the fuel pump, the injectors were fine, the O2 sensors were fine, changed the air filter, no clogs in the fuel delivery system (yes changed the fuel filter too), changed the plugs and wires, changed the fuel regulator... the only thing left is the catalytic converter is plugged... it's as if my car has Asthma, so I'm looking at the Throttle position sensor. Will keep you updated.

I have this cutting out problem and i think Ive managed to diagnose mine to a faulty fuel pump as you can sometimes hear it activate but when you don't the car does not start. but anyway this is what i tried. fortunately my sister has same cars as me, maybe some of these will help you diagnose your problem.

- throttle position sensor

- crankshaft sensor.

- camshaft sensor

- fuel pump fuse/relay

- lambda sensor

- Cat could be broken up and blocked exhaust system causing poor flow.

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Q: How can you tell what is causing your car to die every now and then and smell like exhaust fumes?
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Why do i smell exhaust fumes in my 260z?

There may be a hole in your exhaust system causing fumes to leak into the car. This can be dangerous and should be fixed immediately.?æ

Why do the new diesel engine exhaust fumes smell pleasant fresh and clean?

They don't. You need to stop sniffing exhaust fumes, mister.

What are some of the signs of an exhaust leak?

2 most obvious signs of exhaust leak are noise and smell of exhaust fumes

Why do you smell fumes from your 92 dodge shadow?

you could have a small hole in your exhaust between your engine and your can patch the exhaust or replace your exhaust

Why can you smell fumes when the heater is on?

two things, exhaust has a leak of gases or fuel leak from engine bay

When was muffler invented?

When people started objecting to the noise and smell of cars exhaust fumes, around 1898.

How do you know if your car has exhaust fumes coming into the car when it is on?

exhaust is pretty easy to smell. If you smell it, then you likely do, also check the rear end of the car for possible places where the exhaust can get into. a battery powered carbon monoxide detector will also work

Why do you smell fumes in my 2000 jaguar s-type after awhile of driving?

sounds like an exhaust leak, or a fuel leak. that depends on the smell.

Why would you only smell gas fumes in the car when it is idling?

exhaust leak or a possible fuel line leak

Why do I smell exhaust fumes all the time?

I have been smelling exhaust fumesw off and on every day for over a week. I had bypass surgery 3 weeks ago and tyhought there may be some corrolation but my cardio guy says no. ANy ideas?

Why can i smell exhaust fumes in your 1975 beetle?

Volkswagens are kinda smelly anyway, but if there is a hole in the heater boxes or in the heater ducts leading to the cab, that can significantly increase the exhaust fumes in the cab. Also, if there's an exhaust leak through a rusty muffler, that's a loud, smelly problem.

Why can I smell exhaust fumes inside my car?

Your exhaust may be leaking slightly at the front. The fumes can easily end up in the car this way. Exhaust gasses are poisonous so you should get it looked at as soon as you can. Another cause could be that a breather pipe has come of the engine or air box.

Why i smell exhaust fumes inside my 1992 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.0l?

check for a leak more often then not it is the flex pipe.

Why do you smell gas fumes?

i smell gas fumes in 96 Nissan quest

What do you do when you smell fumes?

If you smell fumes, you should get out of the room, car, or house. Opening windows will help get rid of the smell.

Why does your exhaust pipe leak water that smells like gas?

Condensation forms in the exhaust system while it is cooling and as gas fumes pass through the system it bound to smell that way. If large amounts of water come out of the exhaust it may be a sign that there is a blown head gasket, cracked head or block causing water from the cooling system to enter the cylinders.

Will replacing a catalytic converter eliminate the smell in an exhaust?

Depends on what the smell is and what is causing it. Have the catalytic converter tested before you spend the money to replace it. It maybe something else causing this problem.

Why do i Smell gas outside car not inside?

Take a second, lightly sniff gasoline fumes before its been burned, then compare with exhaust fumes, and see which you are smelling. Exhaust fumes you'll naturally smell around an idling car. unburned gasoline could be the result of an improperly set carb, mixing the wrong amounts of fuel and air, leaving you with unburned gasoline that is boiled, evaporated, and spit out the exhaust. Too much evaporated gas turns your exhaust black, so ive been told, so there could be a sign.

What causes exhaust fumes to smell in the car?

it would have 2 b a exaust leak or the little hose going 2 your breather element isn't attached properlyAnswercould be your cat as well Damaged or restricted exhaust system components; Restricted, loose or burned out muffler.straight out, go to an exhaust shop. u have a leaky exhaustAnswerNo who, but what. All internal combustion engines emit exhaust fumes.

Why would you smell exhaust fumes in a car only when the heater is on?

If the car heat has a fresh air setting, then it could be drawing air from outside of the vehicle. The fumes are most likely coming from a problem under the hood.

Why Air conditioner fumes?

It means that, your air conditioner isn't gas powered, so oftentimes people are concerned about where this type of smell could be coming from. However, there are fluids in the engine and other parts of your air conditioner which can leak out, causing this exhaust fume odor.

Why does your car give off a smell like exhaust after it is turned off?

Could be a leak in the manifold, or a hole in the exhaust, and when you stop the car there is no pressure blowing off the fumes, so it floats up into the car.

Does propane fumes smell like car exhaust fumes?

A "smell" is added to propane the same as a "smell" is added to natural gas. Some people describe it as being like old cabbage. I can attest that it is not pleasant and unless you have very poor sense of smell you will notice it. Don't ignore it if you do. Propane is heavier than air and will lie in a low area and is very combustible.

When should you check for evidence of gas fumes?

Anytime you think you smell fumes in a vehicle for a length of time the exhaust system needs to be checked. Carbon monoxide could be leaking into the passenger compartment and can lead to sickness or death.

Is there some sort of tool that you can use to test the interior of a car for exhaust fumes if the mechanic says it is fixed but you can still occasionally smell some slight fumes?

You can use a carbon monoxide detector if you suspect a dangerous level of exhaust inside your car. They are available at Wal-Mart, Target,, etc.