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Possible problems: -water in the gasoline. Use gas dryer fluid from auto parts store. -water in the distributor if you have one. Have someone who knows how, remove the cap and dry it with a shop rag. -dead battery. Recharge battery or get a jump start. Go for a 20 minute drive to recharge. -water on starter contacts. Have a Mechanic dry them. -burned out relay or fuse. Replace per owners manual.

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Q: How come your car would not start after being parked outside in the rain for 4 days?
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Yes. There would have to be some reasonable suspicion, just as with any other traffic stop, but there's no specially immunity for being stopped just because you are outside your house.

Can a car start fire 6 hours after being parked with everything turned off?

No, if the car was shut off and cool, which it would have been by then. You did not try to start the car. It would have had to have been a random act of vandalism to get the car on fire.

Why would a 1998 Toyota Corolla not start after being parked for a few hours The first time the light did not go on the second time they did?

you problly need a new batterie or a starter

Who would be at fault if your car caught fire from the car parked behind you in the roadway being on fire?

ummm... i guess soo... cuz its ur fault u parked there?

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I would start with the car and then move to the homeowners.

Who be be at fault if you hit an illegally parked car in Atlanta even if the illegally parked car was in a blind spot and the space where the car was parked illegally was too close for comfront?

It would be the car who had parked illegally because he was not parked in a legal spot.

Does a car have to have insurance to just be parked outside my house?

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What is wrong on a F150 1991 4x4 automatic pickup Will not start Was working fine when it was parked the night before the next morning it would not start Marks no clicking sound absolutely no sound a?

Check your battery connections for corrosion or being loose. battery might be dead maybe you left a light on or something

Who is at fault when you back into a car that is illegally parked?

Of course it is your fault. The fact that the car was illegally parked is of no consequence. You didn't look where you were backing or you would not have hit the parked car. Would you have hit this car if you had been looking? Perhaps the illegally parked car is a Mini Cooper, parked illegally 1 foot behind a Hummer and therefore not visable when the driver looks before backing up...

When would you apply the parking brake?

When parked.

Why would a 7.3L powerstroke not start parked uphill but starts fine pointed downhill?

very very low on fuel or faulty fuel pump

Would your airmatic relay cause your car to lower while its parked?

This is not the cause, this relay is to start the and run the compressor (Basically) and it will not cause the system to lower overnight.

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Most likely your motor is low on oil and is knocking from being over heated.

If a vehicle parked along a curb on private property is hit by another driver who is at fault?

The driver that hit the parked vehicle would be at fault.

Who is at fault in California when a parked car opens their door into the passenger side of your car while you are driving?

I would think it is the parked cars falt. Call a lawyer. They can tell you right off. I would think it is the parked cars falt. Call a lawyer. They can tell you right off.

Who is liable if you were parked in a parking lot during a snowstorm and your car was hit by a snowplow?

Assuming the parking lot was open, and the car had every right to be parked there. The owner of the snowplow, and possibly the operator of it would be liable for damages to the parked car.

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If your car is illegally parked and has been hit by another car who pays for damages?

Generally speaking, the driver in motion is considered to be at fault when a parked car is hit, even if the car was parked illegally. The exception to this would be if the car was parked in a dangerous, hard-to-see location and the driver in motion could not have reasonably avoided hitting it. For example, if a car is parked on a sharp curve in the travel lane of a narrow road, and the driver of a car driving around the curve at the speed limit would not be able to see the parked car until too close to it to avoid a collision, then the driver might not be liable for damage to the parked car, and indeed the driver who parked the car might be liable for damage to the car that hit it.

What would you do if you backed into an unattended parked car?

B - leave a note

1997 Nissan altima gxe parked it the night before it was running fine the next morning it would not start it turns over and sounds like it may start but does not?

it is quite possible that your gas line is clooged or you need a new fuel filter.

1989 buick century has been sitting up for 3 years has 65285 miles ran great when parked will not start now what could be the problem?

I am no mechanic but I would certainly start with the fuel the gas fresh, is it getting gas, etc

How much would it cost to park at east midlands airport?

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