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Do you have it chipped? Do you change your fuel filter regularly? bad fuel? Sell them when they are off warranty and let Dodge worry about the rest!

Here is a links that may lead you to an answer. There are a lot of dodge freaks that may be up to speed on your situation. The first link is the general dogde BS, and the 2nd one is more defined for you regarding tech talk.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:23:31
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Q: How common are fuel system problems on new Dodge trucks if you are burning through transfer pumps and injector pumps?
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How the fuel of diesel injection is delivery?

If the question is how is it delivered ,then this how by transfer pump to the high pressure injector pump then through the nozzles.

In a 1987 mercury topaz why would fuel make it to the injector but not through you have good pressure and power to injector?

MIght be the injector itself.

Can you blow air through injector bank if valve is there and at what pressure to use?

I want to clarify if you are asking if you can blow air through a fuel injector? If this is your question, I am not really sure what you are going to gain by trying to do this. A fuel injector has a tiny valve inside that opens with an electrical pulse from the PCM. Even if you could open that valve, the passages inside the injector are the size of a pinprick. There is nothing to be gained in trying to blow air through an injector. You will not even be able to tell how much air is going through the injector, and how much air is going around the injector as you are doing this. If the injector will not clean up with injector cleaners, then it will require replacement.

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97 Chevy 350 burning rich rough idle on start up Why?

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