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AnswerMany soldiers who contributed in World War 1 were traumatized. During the 1920's, the lasting results on the economic, political, social, and cultural lives of Americans had changed greatly to an extent where many could never go back to their normal daily lives. Obviously these people must have had such infamous memories that only the people of that time could understand. The future lives and pasts remembered within this nation, and tributes to the war were immense and heartbreaking. People who didn't even fight in the war died slowly, their souls and attitudes changed with every minute, every hour of the day; fearing, and wondering the worse, which is understandable when someone is out risking their lives day in and day out. -prager
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Q: How did Americans feel about entering into World War I?
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Americans ideas on entering World War 2?

No war without cause.

How did Americans feel about world war 1 after the war was over?

happy that they won

How did Americans feel after world war 1?

Glad that it was all over

After entering World War 2 what happened to Japanese Americans?

They were relocated by the US gov to camps called war relocation camps.

How did most Americans originally feel about entering the Worls War II?

Before Pearl Harbor, the majority of the American public was apposed to entering the war. It was viewed as Europe's War. After Pearl Harbor though, the public stance on the matter changed dramatically.

How did Americans feel about entering the war before Pearl Harbor?

the americans were really sort of neutral towards the war and did not want to get into it but when pearl harbor happened they felt threatened and felt that they had to protect the safety of their nation and fight.

How did Americans feel about World War 2?

The Americans feel scared of the war. they felt hurt and sad because they losed someone that they loved and cared about. also they felt that the most important thing was winning the war.

What did people think about propaganda posters during World War 1?

The propaganda posters used during World War I were meant to elicit enthusiasm for America's involvement in the war. Generally, this tactic worked although many Americans didn't feel entering the war would benefit them in any way. Men joined the war effort after the posters made them feel cowardly and inferior if they didn't enlist.

How did Americans feel about the start of world war 2?

They felt that it was nothing to do with them and didn't want to get involved in a 'European' war.

What did most Americans feel about entering World War 2?

After Pearl Harbor they were ready to fight. Young men lined up to enlist and the factories began to think about producing war goods. Even the mob was contacted by the government to help protect the docks.

What were effects of the us entering World War 2?

The war was now a WORLD war.

How did Americans feel about the cold war?

Americans felt mad.

What factor changed Woodrow Wilsons opinion about entering World War?

Americans were angry German U-boats and killed US citizens

Why did the united states enter world war I and what effect did its entry have on the war?

Germany sent Mexico a document trying to get them to declare war on the USA and thereby prevent USA from entering the war on the side of the Allies. The British intercepted the document and after they showed it to the Americans, the USA declared war on Germany, entering WWI.

What role did Submarine Warfare have in regards to World War 1 and the US entering war?

A submarine sunk the liner 'Lusitania'. Many Americans died. USA was horrified, declared war on Germany.

How did Americans support the war effort in World War I?

how did americans support war effort in world war 1

At the beginning of world war 1 how did most Americans feel about he international conflict?

It was someone else's problem. Which it was.

Why did some Americans feel hopeful about the future after the end of the great depression and world war 2?


How did the Americans feel about the Korean war?

they didnt care about the war

How did America entering World War 2 effect the world?

It helped win the war

How did the African Americans feel about the war and why?


By 1967 how did Americans feel about the Vietnam war?

Most Americans were opposed to the Vietnam war by 1967. In the beginning most Americans supported going to war with Vietnam.

Why did some Americans still feel worried about the future of their country after World War 2?

Some Americans still felt worried about the future of the US after World War 2 because the USSR still seemed like a threat. During the war the Russians had developed the Atomic Bomb, which was often on the minds of Americans.

What was America's response to the Blitz in England?

Prior to Pearl Harbor, Americans held the attitude that World War II was just another European war. Many believed the United States had been tricked into entering World War I and did not want another war that, they felt, had nothing to do with them.

How many Americans died in World War I?

The number of Americans that died in World War 1 is 116,516.