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How did Israel come into existence?


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March 04, 2012 3:19PM

Modern Israel came about around 150 years ago when a handful of Secular Jews with a lot of political connections in Europe got together as Zionists deciding that the Jews spread throughout the world needed one central place they could call home. After much deliberation with the U.N. Offered different options Uganda being the one that received the most consideration but were all ultimately rejected. In 1917 after WWI when Turkey lost control over then Palestine it was handed over to mostly British control and ultimately destined to get on it's feet and become the Jewish homeland. The few Arabs that remained didn't accept the plan and long before it could be implemented began the invention of terrorism that they unleashed upon the small Jewish population that had been living there for hundreds of years. England then began limiting the permitted amount of Jewish immigration and after the tragic events of WWII had almost eradicated the Jews of Europe a small underground army of Jews began fighting the British and Arab armies till they got independence in 1948 Offering all Jews and Arabs who wished to remain citizenship with full equal rights for all. Many Arabs decided to leave heeding promises from neighboring Arab countries that the Jewish state would be wiped out soon enough. In 1967 acting on misinformation from Russian intelligence Egypt decided to launch a war and got all the neighboring Arab countries to join in and attack Israel. In a miraculous preemptive strike Israel wiped out virtually the entire Air Forces of all the invading armies. After 6 days of intense ground combat taking place throughout then divided Jerusalem being occupied by Jordan along with the west bank. At the same time they were battling Egypt in the south and at the end of the war had conquered Jerusalem the west bank and Gaza.

In 2006 Israel returned Gaza however not to Egypt who it was captured from rather to the newly created Palestinian Authority who would soon be taking over by rival terrorist organization HAMAS.