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The power of Singapore's defence lies in this forts, which then faces the sea. To the British, the biggest threat that Singapore faces was an attack from the sea. To them, it was impossible for the enemy to fight their way through Malaya, which they taught was hard to take over due to the whole stretch of high altitude in the middle and the dense forests. Moreover, the British had more than 100,000 soldiers in Malaya.

However, the Japanese invaded south-East Asia were well trained in "forest warfare". They had mini-tanks which could move in the dense forests. In addition, they had air support and better guns. The Japanese used the aircrafts to destroy all of the British's naval defence. In addition, their artillery helped eliminate the enemies on land. They took over the major roads of Malaya and fought all the way down to Johor Bahru.

The British were given an order to retreat if necessary, but the units took it as an order to retreat, which granted the Japanese an easy victory in Malaysia. Moreover, the British troops had no motivation to fight, because their primary concern was of the invading Germans.

The Japanese faked an attack on Pulau Ubin, which forced General Percival to move a bulk of his troops to defend the north-eastern part of Singapore. By doing so, they left the north-western part of Singapore unguarded and the Japanese rode bikes across the crossway into Singapore. In addition, the Japanese also faked an attack from the sea, which also made some of the British troops move to the southern part of the island, in fear that the Japanese would launch a naval attack.

With the British in bits and pieces everywhere, the Japanese, even though outnumbered, swiftly took out the British in small groups. This has securely their victory.

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Q: How did Japan manage to take over Singapore?
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