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How did racism begin?

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As long as man has been on earth. Men have always hated other men for various reasons.

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When did racisim begin?

racism began in Europe

Where did racism begin?

No one really knows.

What year did racism begin and end?

Racism as existed as long as humans have. It has not ended and likely never will.

When did racism begin to be viewed as unacceptable and it was frowned upon?

In America, racism really became frowned upon years after the Civil War had ended.

What era did racism begin?

As soon as man interacted with another man from a different civilization or tribe discrimination began. Racism is born from discrimination soo.

When did African American racism in the US begin?

African American racism began in the USA between the 17 century and 1960's. Still is going on this year.

Did racism begin in the bible days?

Yes. There was such thing as sin in those days weren't there? Yes there was.

What are the different types of racism?

Historical racismScientific racismInstitutional racismNew Racism

What is the cause of disharmony in religion?

It starts when people begin to insert their personal beliefs (racism, prejudice, violence, etc.) into their religion.

What is a famous quote of Bobby Seale?

"You dont fight racism with racism; the best way to fight racism is with solidarity." "You dont fight racism with racism; the best way to fight racism is with solidarity."

Is racism a power?

No, racism is a right

What role did racism play in the development of slavery?

Racism was the cause of slavery. People of different colors were against those of other colors.. They thought so poorly of them and thought they were nothing but trash, there for fights would begin to occur and slavery formed.

How do you start an anti-racism speech?

Begin the speech strong, so the reader is interested.Personally I would start with something that introduces the topic of "racism"Why does Racism still occur today?or maybe explain what it is..Racism is a shameless act towards ones culture, beliefs and personal identity.I would introduce racism show how you feel about it.Also tips from ending - end in something likewhy should one be judged by his/her skin colour because really, we're all the same colour in the dark.or a strong closing point

Is there another kind of racism?

PrejudiceRacial discriminationInstitutional racismEconomical racism

What is new racism?

New racism is all the different types of racism manly the new stuff that can be really hurtful and that's what new racism is

What is anti racism?

Being against racism.

What countries have racism?

Every country has racism.

When did racism occur?

Racism has occurred forever.

When was racism ended?

Racism never ends

What are the positive of racism?

There is no positive side of racism.

When did racism stopped?

my nan stopped racism

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