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How did the Cold War affect the United States?

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It made it in to the war-addicted country it is today. During the cold war a large proportion if the budget went towards the military and technological research, forging the US armed forces into one of the most technologically advanced militaries in the world. During this time the US made DEW, NORAD & NATO

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What affect did cold war fear have on domestic politics?

The effect of the cold war on politics is the fear that communism would spread in to United States.

What were problems faced by the United States during the Cold War?

what were problems faced by the united states during cold war

How did the use of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki affect the Cold War?

The cold war was not affect by the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The cold war was a product of the deed and Japan surrendering to the United States keeping Russia out the pacific and the US in.

What did the US do to affect the outcome of the cold war?

The United States tried to be an enforcer during the Cold War to see that the rules of the Geneva Convention were being followed. The United States is still a major influence in keeping global peace.

How did the Cold War affect the US policy in Latin America?

They could not adopt new policies from the United States

Where all states involved in the cold war?

All the states of the United States were.

Which countries were fought in the Cold War?

The soviet Union, and The United States fought the Cold War.

The cold war was between which two groups-?

The Cold War was between The United States and the USSR.

Why did the United States get into Vietnam?

Part of the cold war.

The cold war referred to unfriendly relations between the?

the cold war was not exactly a war but it was between the United States and Russia.

Why was the United States involved in th Vietnam war?

Part of the cold war.

What factors gave rise to the cold war?

the united states

What are the major forces in the Cold War?

United States and Europe There!

The Berlin Airlift was a Cold War victory for?

The United States

Impacts of the cold war?

The impact of the Cold War was cutting spending dramatically. The Cold War also impacted on the United States socially and politically.

What event from the cold war surprised the US in 1949?

cold war event surprised the United States in 1949?

What was the government like in the cold war?

The government for the United States was independent and the government for U.S.S.R was communism in the cold war

Who are involved in the cold war?

The two main countries incoloved in the cold war is the USSR (Russia) and the United States.

The cold war was between what two countries?

The United States and the USSR were the two main countries in the Cold War

The United States and the Soviet Union fought each other in what war?

The Cold War.!

Who was the winner of the Cold War?

The United States won the Cold War against the U.S.S.R. The Cold War lasted for 45 years and was started by the Soviet Union.

What were the problems faced by the US during the cold war?

what were two problems faced by the united states during cold war

Who were the United States enemies during the Cold War?

Mostly Russia

What were the two sides of the cold war?

the United States and the Soviet Union

Examples of containment in cold war?

United States and South Vietnam

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