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The Native Americans gain the Centrail plains and east of the rocky mountains. Also from Arkansas, north to Canada.


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It gave both, White men and Native Americans equal rights

Native Americans were forced to give up large amounts of land.

Because of the Treaty of Greenville, Native Americans agreed to surrender most of the land in present-day Ohio.

Because of the Treaty of Greenville, Native Americans agreed to surrender most of the land in present-day Ohio.

Many native americans died from overwork, malnutrition, and Earapean disease.

Native Americans felt angry that the United States demanded their own land. Some Native Americans were forced to sell their lands to companies. The lives of the Native Americans will never be the same again.

it gave most of present day ohio to white settlers>

the effects arre the native americans are dieing

The arrival of the Europeans did not affect the native americans in mexico.

Native Americans had a new form of transportation.

The Treaty of Greenville was signed on August 3, 1795 at Fort Greenville which is now Greenville, Ohio. By signing the treaty the Native Americans than handed over large parts of what is now Ohio, present day Detroit and Chicago. If the treaty had not been signed parts of the US may not have been developed and still occupied by the Native Americans.

The answer is that the Europeans spreaded diseases among the native Americans.

The growing nation affect Native Americans as they had to move because more land was needed for farming.

How did the arrival of europeans effect the native Americans in Mexico

The Native Americans sere pushed off their land and eventually to reservations.

how did the geography and climate of the southwest and the west affect native Americans there

The Dawes Act affected the Native Americans because it survey indian tribal

it shattered native american confidence in the prophet, some native americans fled to Canada.

The Native Americans lots tons of land.

because the Native Americans lived in the Ohio River Valley which later on after the American Revolution, we Americans take over that land so therefore, the Native Americans had to move over to the Great Plains.

Steel knives, swords, and guns were superior to native American weapons and this led to the deaths of many native Americans.

Jacques Cartier took many Native Americans captive and brought them back to his land with him.

Revere lived in Boston and had his business there. I doubt he came into contact with any Native Americans.

it forced native Americans to adopt Spanish ways as well as beliefs the priests also made it possible for some blending of the native Americans and Spanish cultures.

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