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I Recomment You Have A Mechanic Look At This Problem. First It Does`nt Have (2) Heater Cores On It For The Heater The Other Is For The A/C ( Evaperator ) Are You Sure This Is Coolant ? It May Be Condensation From The A/C. This Is Best To Let A Mechanic Tell You. Good Luck

2006-08-12 22:21:57
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Why is your 1992 jeep wrangler is pouring water from what looks like the crankcase?

antifreeze (Water) pouring down the front of the engine is from the water pump.

Why is antifreeze leaking on passenger side?

oh no the hose became brittle and fluid is pouring out

Why is coolant draining out of my car as I put it in?

If you are pouring it directly into the plastic antifreeze reservoir, it most likely has a crack in it.

Why would I have coolant pouring out a rubber elbow underneath the car?

are you sure it is coolant? is the elbow located on the firewall? if that's the case then it's not coolant, it's condensation from the AC doing what it is supposed to do.

Why is your antifreeze pouring out of your reservoir on a 96 Ford Taurus wagon?

if it is pumping out when you rev engine then you have a blown head gasket

Have a 97 Saturn oil is in your antifreeze reservoir what will cause that?

Blown headgasket or an idiot pouring oil in the wrong hole.

2001 Pontiac sunfire is pouring antifreeze from the radiator why is this?

damaged or faulty radiator If coolant is "pouring" out of the radiator with no damage evident, could be stuck thermostat, especially if it happens soon after starting car. Could also be blown head gasket if pouring out of the fill tube with cap off.

When cranking a car it wont start but antifreeze is pouring out of the blockwhy?

ud be looking at a broking t belt plus water pump

Your 1994 Chevy Corsica is pouring antifreeze for below but not out of the heater core what is it pouring from?

Heater box drain It is just below the heater hose conections, If the heater core leaks it drains the coolant outside to keep the carpet dry.

How can you tell if your car needs antifreeze?

If the temperature gauge rises quickly when you start your car, it probably needs antifreeze. Watch out when you fill the radiator. If antifreeze starts pouring from some random place under the engine, then your freeze plugs are probably shot. Cheap part to replace -- about $5. But the labor cost ... Ouch ...

Why would antifreeze be pouring out of the exhaust on a 95 Chevy Beretta?

Blown head gasket or a cracked head. Do not drive this car. Serious engine damage will occur.

Why is antifreeze pouring from behind the plastic cover that goes around the crankshaft pulley on a 1995 Mitsubishi montero with a 3.0l engine?

sounds like the water pump is leaking

Where do you put transmission fluid in a Mitsubishi montero?

Transmission fluid is filled by pouring the fluid directly into the dipstick tube. Be careful to put fluid in the correct dipstick. The transmission dipstick is located on the passenger's side, closest to the firewall (the cab). Remove the dipstick, use a funnel and fill.

Antifreeze is pouring out of your Kia Sorento what can it be?

this could be multiple reasons, however 2003 and 2004 sorento are prone to a coolant reservoir failure. This typically begins on the bottom side of the reservoir. Change it or else!

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Can a car run without antifreeze?

My Saturn is leaking, more like pouring, antifreeze out of a head gasket and I don't have the money to fix it. I have to get to school though which is a short drive. So basically I'm traveling 10 min with no antifreeze and my car is holding up pretty good for now. It's not a good idea and will overheat very quickly without it but I would say you can if you don't drive very far. The antifreeze will lubricate your water pump and keep your engine from freezing in the winter and overheating in the summer. You can use water instead of antifreeze in warm climates but that will end up oxidizing all the metal components (like the radiator).

Where do you add oil into a ford V6 2.8?

open the gas door and start pouring ANSWER The oil filler cap is on the valve cover on the drivers side of the engine towards the firewall end of the valve cover

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