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The steering wheel's locking mechanism can sometimes screw with the ignition swtich. Try jerking the wheel back toward neutral while starting. Also check to see if the tires are aligned.

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Q: How do fix a 1989 Honda Accord DX if the key gets stuck in the starter and will not shift?
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What causes a 97 Honda Accord to drive and then act like it is in neutral?

your shift solenoid a is stuck open in your tranny time for a gagage visit

How do you fix when gear shift get stuck in park in Honda Odyssey?

What to do when the gear is stuck in park on a Honda 2001

1998 Honda accord stuck in park?

There are a couple of reasons why a 1998 Honda Accord may be stuck in park. The immobilizer system may need to be replaced or the transmission is having problems.

1993 Honda accord fuel gauge stuck in high?

Change your fuel sending unit.

Why is Honda Rubicon ATV stuck in low gear?

Angle Sensor OrShift Motor

The sport switch in the 1992 Honda accord is stuck on sport how do i unswitch the gear?

Hit it with a big hammer

How do you repair a 2008 Honda Accord that is stuck in park?

Find the Shifter Lock Override Slot. It'll be under a cap. Remove the cap, push down on the lever inside with a nail file or something, and shift into neutral.

What could cause 89 Honda accord has no heat?

Heater core is stopped up or thermostat is stuck open.

How do you fix your 1998 Honda Accord EX Brake Lights that are stuck on?

Adjust or replace the brake light switch.

Tail lamps stays on 96 Honda Accord?

If you are referring to the brake light then the brake light switch is stuck.

Your 1998 Honda Passport is stuck in park?

First a question. Were you stepping on the brake when you tried to shift it out of park?

What does the DTC P2195 mean in an 2006 Honda Accord?

That means that your o2 sensor is stuck lean (bank 1 sensor 1)

How do you fix the brakes stuck on a 1991 Honda accord?

It is illegal to repair brakes by an average person take the vehicle to a qualified person.

How do fix a 98 Honda Accord that is stuck on Parking Gear?

My 1998 Honda Accord LX was getting stuck intermittently in Park. I found that the switch that turns on the brake light when you press the bake pedal was going out. This switch is $32.00 at any Honda dealer and most importantly YOU can change it yourself. Ironically, that same switch activates the gear shifter pin that lets you take it in and out of gear.

Why would a 99 Honda accord have no heat?

thermosat could be stuck open or low coolant or heat control cable could be broken

Where is the flasher unit 2007 Honda accord?

Drivers side footwell, left hand side. Turn on the signal and listen for the clicks if you get stuck.

1990 Honda Accord gets stuck in park?

That happens to quite a few accords of that year. Hope this link

Why does the air conditioner not blow when I turn the car on and and turns on again when a bump is hit Honda Accord 98?

a solenoid is getting stuck, and a bump releases it

What might be wrong if you cannot turn off heat coming into the car on a 1992 Honda Accord?

The air mix door is stuck in the heat position

Why the heater on a 1997 Honda accord doesn't blow hot air?

Replace the thermostat first. If it is stuck open, engine may not get a chance to warm up.

Why is your 1995 Honda Accord is over heating?

Low of coolant, thermostat is stuck closed, radiator is clogged, cooling fan is not working, or blown head gasket.

How do you fix stuck in park for 2003 Honda odyssey?

It could be that the shift interlock is not releasing. There is an override switch underneath the steering column or the shifter console.

What causes a 1996 Honda Accord not to shift?

My 96 Honda Accord is doing the same thing. I am blessed with a certified Honda mechanic next door! I asked him and he told me it was the rear brake sensor. He told me it is located on the driver's side behind the brake pedal. He said you had to remove two bolts and disconnect the old one, then connect the new one and bolt back the same way. He said it was actually a very simple process. He also told me, it will work for a while, but eventually you will get stuck somewhere and you will not be able to get it out of gear. Good luck and I hope it helps you!

Why is my 2006 Nissan Altima gear shift stuck in park?

why is my 2006 Nissan altima gear shift stuck in park

Why would a 2000 automatic Honda Accord EX get stuck in park?

look in the owners manual they tell you how to release it also you need to step on the brake to release it it is a safety thing