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Symptoms of a bad converter vary. The vehicle may not move at all when in gear. The vehicle may exhibit engine stall when put into gear or may not have power during takeoff. Also shudder may occur when under load. Noise in the transmission when put into gear forward or reverse.

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Q: How do i know if my Honda torque conveter is bad?
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How you know when to Chang a torquecoverter?

how you a torque converter is bad

How do you know if a torque converter is bad in a 2002 cadillac deville?

The check engine light will come on. And u might see a lower mpg rating

How do you know if fuel pump is bad on 1983 Honda accord?

You know it's bad when you apply 12v power to it but it doesn't run.

Why Honda civic 91 are lacking torque power?

old car lots of miles possibly, clogged injectors, bad spark, lose compression......

How do you know if a Honda Civic ignition module is bad?

Take it to AutoZone, and they can test it

How do you know if a converter is bad on a Kia Rio?

Transmission torque converter or an exhuast catalytic converter?

How do you know if the fuel pump relay is bad?

1995 Honda civic ex 1.6

How do you know when a water pump has gone bad on a 92 Honda civic?

Coolant weeping and noise.

How would you no idle air control valve bad?

1990 Honda accord ex how would you know if idle air control valve is bad?

What are the symptoms of a bad torque converter?

A bad torque converter can cause slipping gears. The fuel mileage will suffer as well, and the engine will rev higher.

What are bad torque converter symptoms?

The symptoms of the bad torque is that it will shudder while it is being unlocked and locked. The other symptom is that the unlocker will be locked under pressure.

How can you tell if a torque convertor is going bad on a 2004 Chevy blazer?

How can I tell if a 1995 torque converter is going bad the tranny slips and stops when it warms up.

What is the gap setting for a Honda?


2005 Honda Civic temperature gage runs on cold is this bad sign?

Honda civic runs on cold bad sign?

Why does Trans whine when accelerating?

May be a bad torque converter

How will you know if the regulator-rectifier in your 87 honda magna needs to be replaced?

Following the simple checks in the service manual will tell you if it is bad or not.

Why is car making a grinding or rumbling type noise from the rear end of the car when under hard acceleration and stops when you let off the gas?

Have your mechanic check the rear bearings for the grinding noise. If the noise is like a rumble strip then the torque converter may be bad. Mark VIII are know for bad torque converters.

1993 Grand Prix stalls will not idle when coming to a stop 3.1L and?

TCC (Torque converter clutch) Soleniod in the transmission is likely bad. Hope for that because if not it's a bad torque converter.

What causes a Honda Civic to stall?

There can be many causes for a Honda Civic to stall. Some of them include a bad fuel pump, a bad alternator, a bad distributor, a clogged air filter or idle air valve. Buy a Honda Civic Service manual for more information. do it myself Honda civic repair

Can i swap my bad 94 Honda civic lx engine with a 97 Honda civic engine?


Would a bad torque converter make a car stall?

yes a bad converter will make car stall

How do you know if the transmission is going bad on a 1999 Honda Accord?

You might start to notice the transmission going bad when it DOESN'T CHANGE GEARS!!!! That's usually a good sign. Or it may make a GRINDING sound.

Why my 1993 Honda accord lx has no fire at the distributor?

Bad coil? Bad Pick-up?

What are some bad thing about a 1990 Honda Civic CRX Si Hatchback 2D?

Everything! Its a honda, Get a ford!

1997 Honda CR-V bad ox senor?

best inexpensive tires for honda crv