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A rich fuel mixture is definied as being a mixture that is rich in fuel, which would make the engine run cooler. In the presence of a lean fuel mixture the engine will run hotter. This can be easily seen in the use of an oxy acetylene torch. You first set off the fuel alone, then turn on the oxygen. To get the torch to cut through steel you set the acetylene flow back until the flame generates a bright blue cone. A common issue with the use of nitrous oxide is a lean out condition in this same fashion which "torches" a hole through a piston in the same way a common torch does. So in conclusion a rich mixture will run cooler.

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Q: How do you adjust the carb on a 1985 S-10 2.8 L with California emissions Carb is an e2se What if the engine is running too hot Do you want to make it richer or leaner?
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What does 'u5' stand for on a Subaru?

The U5 engine option code means California emissions

What is a lamber sensor in a seat leon used for?

Lambda sensor measures the exhaust emissions going into and sometimes out of the catalytic converter, this information is relayed back to the ECU where it can decide whether the engine is running properly and adjust accordingly.

How do you adjust the valves on a 1984 Chevrolet 350 engine in c-20 truck?

on a 350 engine to adjust valves tighten them down with engine running then back them off until it smooths out probably about a quarter of a turn

How much horsepower does a 78 corvette 350 have?

175HP with the base L48 350 V8 California emissions and high altitudes emissions engine, 185HP with the base L48 350 V8 engine, and 220HP with the optional L82 350 V8 engine.

How do you adjust the carb on a 2000 Honda xr100?

there is a screw on the carb. be sure to adjust while the engine is running so you can tell by the idle when it is set properly.

How can i pass Arizona emissions test for my 1991 dodge van emissions?

Correct the problem. Either the engine is running poorly or you have an improperly functioning catalytic converter or air injection system.

How do you adjust the idle speed on a carburetor?

With the engine running, turn the idle screw until you get the speed you want.

Can you adjust efi on a 1993 Chevy 5.7 to make it not run so lean?

NO there is no ADJUSTMENT on the TBI / Throttle body. If the check engine light is on then you need to have the engine scanned with an engine scanner to see what is going on with the emissions system / engine sensers.

What is the reason for performing a dyno test on an engine?

The main reason for performing a dyno test on an engine is to make sure the engine is running smoothly after changes have been made. When you adjust things like fuel and air, you still need to make sure the engine is running properly.

Is a gsr motor swap in a 93 civic legal in California?

A GSR engine swap is legal in the state of California as long as it conforms to the state emissions. The also needs to be domestic and not an import.

When emissions gone in the engine of car what does this mean?

I would take that to mean the equipment that cleans up the vehicles emissions is removed from the engine.

Nissan Pick up engine while running sounds high or revvs high?

if it's a carb. adjust your idle screw out.

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