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I am pretty sure that it is computer controlled. There is probably an input to the computer that is out of whack. There may be a code stored it the computer that may elude to the problem. If an input like a mass air flow sensor or crankshaft sensor is going bad, it will report false data to the ECM and it will make an incorrect adjustment that will flood or starve the fuel/air mixture causing a stall.

easier, try to clean or maybe change the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE, located near the throttle body, where the air intake is, it's not difficult, it's attached with 2 bolts, then it's like a pintle with one spring, check the spring shape and replace the unit with a new one, this valve controls the air flow to your engine and if it goes bad , the RPMS are likely to be low and also stalling could occur right away when you start the engine or suddenly too

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Q: How do you adjust the idle speed on a 93 Plymouth van 33l FWD when the engine idles about 650-700 sometimes dropping to 500rpm and stalling?
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Timing specs for a Toyota 2f engine?

7 degrees idling @ 500rpm (650 for USA)

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2001 Celica GT idles below 500rpm what could the issue be?

Check the air supply, make sure the filter is clean and that the intake is clear.

Why does your 1990 civic idle so low?

How low is low. If you have the Multiport Fuel injected engine it is normal for it to idle just at 500rpm give or take 50 prm. Anythign lower and you have a problem.

Toyota Tercel red line?

Easy!! Put it on the neutral position. Press the gaz pedal to the end. When it goes cut off note the RPM. It's the RPM cut off minus 500RPM

What causes my Mx3 idle speed to drop to 500rpm?

On most vehicles there is a screw located on the throttle body, it is the idle control. Sometimes it is cover and sometimes not but most times it is recessed. Tightening the screw will cause the idle to drop as it is cutting off the airflow through a secondary passage in the throttle body, loosening the screw will raise the idle allowing for more air to pass. Sometime in warmer or colder weather the airs density can be too high or low for the vehicle to idle properly and this screw must be altered.

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How do you fix a 1997 Z24 idle surge of 500RPM in park or neutral but when put in gear it sputters and stalls?

Could be timing. Could be a gasket seal. Or in my case, was blowing black carbon in my exhaust, was burning to much gas. Clean the spark plugs or replace them entirely, check you mass air flow sensor, and in my case I need to replace my air intake as well.

What could cause an automatic transmission to slip in all gears?

If you fluid it to low it could cause it. Check it while the car is warm to get the best reading. ** Already checked the fluid, it's fine. I'm wondering about the torque converter because it seems to only do it at the bottom end of a gear, almost like it's having trouble deciding what gear to be in and the engine RPM's jump back and forth about 250-500rpm while it's doing it.

Why does your 78 firebird with a chev 350 drop from 1500rpm to 500rpm when you shift into gear can it be the ignition timing?

Unless that is an extremely radical 350 it shouldn't be idling at 1500 rpm in the first place. It should idle around 800 rpm and drop maybe a couple hundred when put in gear. If you are having to idle it at 1500 to keep it running you do have other problems. Could be timing, vacuum leaks, or a poorly adjusted carb. I'd start with those first.

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