How do you align the engine before you put the timing belt on for the 1994 2.0L Sunbird?

I would HIGHLY recommend you get a manual (Haynes, Chilton, etc.) with a diagram, I don't think you could do it (read: You wouldn't WANT to try to do it) properly by a written description alone. Like all timing, of course, it has to be *exactly* right, you can't be out a notch or two or your car will run terrible (if it runs at all) and you'll be pulling the belt and retiming it all again.

The top (cam)gear has dot on one the teeth on the front of the gear which is aligned with a "v" notch on the rear part of the timing belt cover. The lower gear on the crankshaft should also have mark on one of the teeth that aligns with a mark on the rear cover or you could install the crank pulley and use the timing pointer as a reference. It will be necessary to buy a new o-ring for the water pump(or preferably a new pump) as this is used to adjust the tension applied to the timing belt. You should adjust the tension on the belt until the spring loaded tensioner just reaches full compression then rotate the engine 2 full revolutions by hand and verify that the marks are still in alignment. - Clyde