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How do you align the engine before you put the timing belt on for the 1994 2.0L Sunbird?


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I would HIGHLY recommend you get a manual (Haynes, Chilton, etc.) with a diagram, I don't think you could do it (read: You wouldn't WANT to try to do it) properly by a written description alone. Like all timing, of course, it has to be *exactly* right, you can't be out a notch or two or your car will run terrible (if it runs at all) and you'll be pulling the belt and retiming it all again.

The top (cam)gear has dot on one the teeth on the front of the gear which is aligned with a "v" notch on the rear part of the timing belt cover. The lower gear on the crankshaft should also have mark on one of the teeth that aligns with a mark on the rear cover or you could install the crank pulley and use the timing pointer as a reference. It will be necessary to buy a new o-ring for the water pump(or preferably a new pump) as this is used to adjust the tension applied to the timing belt. You should adjust the tension on the belt until the spring loaded tensioner just reaches full compression then rotate the engine 2 full revolutions by hand and verify that the marks are still in alignment. - Clyde


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Most likely you did not align properly the mark, it causes the engine to have wrong timing as result the engine knocks.

it is a gunlike device wich fires light and it is used to align properly a timing chain in an engine.

The 97 S10 2.2L engine doesn't have a timing belt.

usually have to align a mark on the cam pulley up with a mark on the chain back cover, and align the mark on the crank pulley up with another mark on back of chain cover. and make sure all marks are aligned up and turn engine by hand before starting engine

The timing marks on a Nissan 2.4 engine are located on the camshaft sprocket and the crankshaft sprocket. The timing belt connects both together which must align perfectly.

You are changing the timing belt and you need o know where the timing marks are for the cam shaft and the crankshaft on a 1994 corolla Also how do you align the marks to put engine in time?

When you set to do this on your own, it is critical that you get it right from the beginning, or you risk destroying your engine. The most important thing is to ensure that all the marks on the gears align correctly with the corresponding marks on the timing belt. Wind the engine over by hand to ensure the marks on both sides align properly, before you replace the covers.

If you are asking how to replace and align a timing belt. This job is best left to a professional, which you are not, or you would not ask this question. Serious engine damage will occur if done incorrectly.

align the crankshaft pulley mark with mark on oil pump housing, and align marks on cam gears with marks on rear cover, then install timing belt.

there should be markings on your timing cover that range from 0 to 16, the flywheel mark needs to be in the center at 8. then the cam pulley mark needs to line up with the groove on the backing plate.

how do you align timing mark on 97 1.8 Mitsubishi mirage

A timing light on #1 cylinder and align the timing marks on crankshaft and stationary mark on engine block

NO. According to eHow Chrysler has identified the 2.5L V6 engine as an "interference" engine. Care must be taken with all "interference" engines to replace timing belts before failure to prevent catastrophic damage to the engine. Care should also be taken to properly align the timing marks when replacing the timing belts. Even a ONE TOOTH MISALIGNMENT CAN CAUSE SEVERE DAMAGE TO THESE ENGINES.

Timing marks align differently on every vehicle dependant on the engine used and the manufacturer. To find the proper alignment marks for your vehicle pick up an auto repair manual from a parts store ( they can also be found online ) and follow the directions to the letter. Be especially careful if your engine has interferrence heads.

Timing marks are located on the camshaft of a 1982 Toyota Tercel. The timing marks help correctly align the cams so the cars engine can run properly.

There are 4 camshaft sprockets that must be aligned perfectly for the engine to function properly, and if the timing is off very far the engine can be completely destroyed. A special alignment tool is available that holds the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets in alignment while you replace the timing belt and adjust the tensioner pulleys. That's about the only way to properly align the timing sprockets, and the only way approved by the manufacturer.

align the cams to the E & I marks on cam. You will see notches right beside them. Align the crank with key way up.

Look for detent marking on camshaft sprockets and align them with timing marks on cylinder head, should be visable markings and ensure that engine is at TDC on compression stroke, and timing marks should all line up

There are 3 timing marks to consider on timing the Mazda r2 just like any engine. crank timing, fuel injection timing and the valve timing. these 3 have markers to align. The crankshaft have timing marks on the pulley pointed by a pointing rod. 4 lines marks the timing. the crankshaft is dead center on the first cylinder whene the pointer is pointed on the center of the foul lines. The injection pump is marked by a line on the pulley and the notch on the plate of the front cover. The camshaft is marked the same way. Be sure that you rotate the pulley clockwise to align these marks to ensure tightness of the timing belt.

You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

There's no way to set timing. Just align marks on camshaft and crankshaft during belt installation. There may be another problem if your car is still running rough.

It is a mess, but you need to take it apart and align the marks right. The way it is now, it should not and will not run. You could of messed up the inside parts! The timing is crucial.

Timing mark on the crankshaft pulley (mark should be at zero) must be aligned with the mark on the camshaft pulley (mark should be in the middle of the hole in the pulley).

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