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How do you answer 'Why are you attracted to this job' in a job interview?

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you have to like the job to be able to go into the interview room to hear what has to be said and if you do not like the job then you wont get verry far in the job if u just want the job for money even tho yuhh dont actually like it u have to do the job properly and not do half a job make sure u tell the manager that you r interested in the job and make sure that you keep your word for it

2011-11-22 06:29:53
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What attracted you to the job?

Do your research on the company before going for a job interview. If you are asked this question, make sure you can give specific reasons as to why you are attracted to that company or business instead of its competitor.

What is it that attracted you to apply for this position at Pets at home?

In an interview you might be asked what attracted you to apply for this position at Pets at Home. You should answer honestly. For example, you may have an innate love for animals that led you to this job.

Why did you apply for this position' in a job interview?

Explain what attracted you to apply for the job/position , explain your personal qualities that will help you succeed in the position, why the position interests you, and why you deserve the position.

How do you answer 'What attracted you to this company' in a job interview?

If you get asked this question, you should have done your background research on the company, how it fits you, and apply that information to your answer.

How do you answer 'When did you show good leadership' in a job interview?

At an interview you show good leadership' in a job at the beginning of the job interview.

What to say when you were asked when you are available for job interview?

You answer with when you can come to a job interview.

Should you go to a job interview if the job requires you to be bilingual but you are not bilingual?

You should not go to a job interview if the job requires you to be bilingual and you are not. There may be a portion of the interview where you speak the language you are unable to and will most likely fail the interview.

What attracted you to this job?

You could say the challenge of learning something new, the day to day interaction with people or the reputation of the company you are applying for. This isn't a critical question in a job interview, but is a warm up question.

What are the benefits of a job interview?

The benefit of a job interview is to have sex with your boss hopefully you get hired.

Should you study for a job interview?

you could study for a job interview if you want to, but i would if you really want the job.

What is the difference between an Informational interview and a job job interview?

Simply, an informational interview is one that asks basic information about the applicant while a job interview is more of an elimination interview where the interviewers will see if you have what it takes for the position that is vacant in the company.

How do you an interview for a new job?

Here is a great article that explains what you should do before, during and after a job interview:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of interview?

The obvious advantage of a job interview is that you could potentially get the job. The only disadvantage of an interview is that you might get nervous.

How do you apply for job?

go to a job interview

How you do your job interview to become qualified as a promodiser?

Job interviews do not give you qualifications. Qualifications are obtained by assessment and examination. This may take the form, in part, of an interview but it would not be a job interview.

What money will you need for a job interview?

I never heard of anyone charging to interview people for job positions.

How do you use the word interview in a sentence?

He looked forward to the job interview.The journalist will interview the Prime Minister tomorrow.The interview went smoothly.The Interview is a hilarious and good film starring James Franco and Seth Rogen.

How do you answer what your qualifications are in a job interview?

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How do you define are you a success in your job in job interview?

I am in. I am very happy to get this job.

How do you talk about your experiences in your previous company at a job interview?

Answering "How do you talk about your experiences in your previous company at a job interview?"

How do you say job interview in french?

a job interview is called 'un entretien d'embauche' (specifically to get hired) in French.

Is there a CVS job interview available online?

Yes, there are CVS job interview available online. There are large varieties of job interview applications online to choose from ,but not all of them are safe ,so be careful when deciding.

What are components of a job interview?

The opening, the body fo the interview and the closing

How do you an interview?

go to the place where you want to work and ask if you can have an interview for a job

What is the name of the interview whereby a jobseeker has to demonstrate their skill?

Job Interview