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Dependin on the vehicle you may be able to get the serpentine belt for the same vehicle that does not have the option of having AC

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Q: How do you bypass the AC compressor for your car to still run?
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You have 2001 Saturn L series 300 ac compressor has seized and clutch bearing is making lots of noise .can i run this car with out compressor with different belt?

Nope, unfortunately on that vehicle you cannot bypass the a/c compressor pulley and run a shorter belt because it will hit the water pump...........

How do you bypass a fuel pump on a 94 fiat uno?

If you bypass the fuel pump the car will not run.

What size belt do you need to bypass the ac on 96 grand am 2.4 cannot find bypass pulley available for this car?

you can not run it without having apulley in place of the a/c compressor because of belt routing. the pulley bracket needs to b custom made

Can you bypass the ac compressor on a 1997 Oldsmobile aurora?

Yes you can, use a duralast belt # 745K6 from autozone, it will run you about $28

How do you test a compressor?

To test a compressor if locked up read the tag on compressor for locked rotor amps, then bypass safety therm-o-switch found under protective black cover on compressor, and with a clamp-on amp meter momentarily run compressor to check amperage.

Will the compressor run when you use the heater on your car?

Not constantly, but it will kick on from time to time.

How do you bypass the air compressor on a 1992 Chevy Silverado?

Hey Anthony==It isn't as easy as it sounds. You can install a belt for a car without a/c but you have to have an idler pulley installed. If the compressor is bad but the clutch is good, simply unplug the compressor so it won't run. If the clutch is burned and noisy, a trip to the wrecking yard might be in order and you can find a car without a/c. GoodluckJoe yes, you can buy a pulley that goes in place of the a/c compressor so u can run the stock belt. im a female and it's SO EASY i did it with NO help and NO directions at ALL

What causes your car to run out of freon?

A leak, either the pressure line or somewhere in the compressor.

Can you still run the car?


You own a 2000 F-150 and wondering if you can run a Non AC belt on a ac equipped vehicle to bypass the compressor?

Yes , but you must remove the compressor and install the bypass pulley. The belt designed for non ac trucks will not work on trucks with a.c. The belt tensioner pulley goes the wrong way

Does ac make the car spend more gas?

yes it does it makes the engine run at a higher rpm to run the ac compressor

Can you bypass the catalytic converter on your 2001 Pontiac Bonneville sle?

No, this is illegal and carries a hefty fine if you are caught. Besides your car will not run properly if you bypass the converter.

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