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That's not true. Guessing, but I'd say your security light came on in your car or something along those lines? Happened to mine too : P. What you should do is take your key to your local Chevy dealer and get the resistance number off of your key(1-15). After that just look online for a VATS bypass module - I found one on eBay for $17.50 with free shipping. Install is fairly simple and sfter that you should be worry free...

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 23:44:18
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Q: How do you bypass the security chip on a 1995 Camaro?
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How do you remove or bypass the security system for a 1989 Chevy Camaro SS?

Cant Its in the computer that runs the engine The vats system can be bypassed by matching the resistance in the key chip.

Does 1995 camaro have a chip in igniton key?

yes, need it to start the car.

How do you take out the fuel shut off chip in a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro?

You do not as it is programmed in the computor.

How do you bypass the security chip on a 1990 Oldsmobile toronado trofeao?

If you could bypass it easily it wouldn't be much of an anti-theft device now would it?

How do you remove a governor on a 1995 Camaro?

you cant its computer controlled. the only way is to get a performance CPU chip

How do you bypass the anti theft on a 99 ford ranger?

how do you bypass the anti theft security chip key if your only key is bad or if you have no key at all please help

What causes a 1995 Chevy camaro 3.4L v6 to shut off while running?

security light blinks car won't start. wait a few minutes and it starts. car does not have any alarms or keyless entry. it does have a chip in key

Why wont the car start if the security light is blinking on my 1994 Chevrolet camaro z28?

it might be the chip in the key. i know it does it in later model cars.

How do you bypass the security ignition key if you don't have the ignition key with the chip?

The cost of doing this would be more time consuming and more expensive than going to a locksmith or a dealer and getting a key with a chip.

Does your 97 Chevy Camaro key have a computer chip inside?

Yes it does that's why when yo go to get a spare key made it will cost 30.00 it is there for security purposes

Can you bypass a key with a chip on a 1998 mustang?


What causes the security light to light up and how do you take it off on a 1991 Camaro?

The VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) causes the Security light to go on. If the security light is on (besides for a brief moment when starting the car/turning the key), and you cannot start your car, it has to do with the resistor chip in your key. That's the black rectangular piece of plastic with a metal strip in the middle of it. Camaro ignitions need to match an electrical value to the value of the chip in your key to start the car. I believe there are 15 values ranging in ohms. When the ignition and the chip register the same value, you can start the car. If they don't, then you cannot. When you cannot start the car and the security light is on, that means that the ignition and the chip in the key either do not match or one is not registering. I had this problem in my camaro and had to wire a resistor into the VATS wire to bypass the system....basically, it thinks whatever key I use always has the correct value. Resistors are very cheap and you can do this yourself, I had a guy come out and do it just to make sure everything was right.

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