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How do you bypass the security chip on a 1995 Camaro?


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there isn't one

wes_edmiston says:

That's not true. Guessing, but I'd say your security light came on in your car or something along those lines? Happened to mine too : P. What you should do is take your key to your local Chevy dealer and get the resistance number off of your key(1-15). After that just look online for a VATS bypass module - I found one on eBay for $17.50 with free shipping. Install is fairly simple and sfter that you should be worry free...


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Cant Its in the computer that runs the engine The vats system can be bypassed by matching the resistance in the key chip.

yes, need it to start the car.

You do not as it is programmed in the computor.

If you could bypass it easily it wouldn't be much of an anti-theft device now would it?

you cant its computer controlled. the only way is to get a performance CPU chip

how do you bypass the anti theft security chip key if your only key is bad or if you have no key at all please help

security light blinks car won't start. wait a few minutes and it starts. car does not have any alarms or keyless entry. it does have a chip in key

it might be the chip in the key. i know it does it in later model cars.

The cost of doing this would be more time consuming and more expensive than going to a locksmith or a dealer and getting a key with a chip.

The VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) causes the Security light to go on. If the security light is on (besides for a brief moment when starting the car/turning the key), and you cannot start your car, it has to do with the resistor chip in your key. That's the black rectangular piece of plastic with a metal strip in the middle of it. Camaro ignitions need to match an electrical value to the value of the chip in your key to start the car. I believe there are 15 values ranging in ohms. When the ignition and the chip register the same value, you can start the car. If they don't, then you cannot. When you cannot start the car and the security light is on, that means that the ignition and the chip in the key either do not match or one is not registering. I had this problem in my camaro and had to wire a resistor into the VATS wire to bypass the system....basically, it thinks whatever key I use always has the correct value. Resistors are very cheap and you can do this yourself, I had a guy come out and do it just to make sure everything was right.

Yes it does that's why when yo go to get a spare key made it will cost 30.00 it is there for security purposes

car wont start, security light is off, engine crank, did start once and when death inmediately, now I can not get car started. Check and test key and chip is ok.

your car ha s vats is there a chip built on you ignition key? if so clean the key with a clean rag and alcohol the chip is a resistor if dirty it changes the resistance and security system rejects key this system has a ton of problems they make a bypass kit for this look on line for vats bypass kit

Simplest is to get another good key. If that is not available then you need to modify the wiring harness to bypass the chip reader by inserting the resistor elsewhere in the circuit.

It is stored in the BIOS/CMOS or security chip if there is such chip.

A chip won't work in a 97, you have to reprogram the computer with a new program.

Unforuently, No. It would be your best bet to go ahead and get the same year column that matches your vehicle for a guranteed fit. 1990 to 1992 Camaro steering wheels are equiped with a Air Bag and "Vats Box" for safety and security. These columns require keys that have a chip embedded on them. The chip contains a pin key code that corresponds with the cars Vats, thus stopping the car from being hot-wired.

The security chip mad function error is found in Laptop computers. This error message appears when the TPM chip fails and needs to be repaired.

Possible a bad computer chip on your car igition key or you may have to get a mechanic to reset the sequrity code for you. Try a different ignition key before you do anything else. The chip is that little black thing that's on the side of your key. I had a mechanic bypass my security in the ignition.

Chip Andrews has written: 'SQL server security' -- subject(s): Computer security, SQL server

I have a 94 Z28 Chevy camaro and the question please give detaild insrtuctions on how to intall a performance chip.

You don't. The security system is built into a couple of the computerized modules including the PCM. Basically the comuter needs to see the chip in the key or it will not start. Please note that you can bypass the security system by installing an equivalent resister across the two wires that go to the ignition cylinder. You will need to cut the wires so that the computer doesn't 'see' the chip and the bypass resistor. The resisters go on the side that does not go up to the lock, it goes acorss the wires that go down to the connector which leads back to the pcm.

not too sure, but if it's like the others, it's wired into the ignition cylinder. Does your key have the little resistor chip in it? (you can't miss it) If so,then there ya go.

The chip key system can not be bypassed. The engine computer will not allow the vehicle to start with out a good key message from the chip key computer.

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