How do you change 98 Dodge Ram fog light bulbs?

Open up the drivers side door. Reach down on the left side of the steering column, and pull the hood latch to open the hood. Open the hood all of the way. Facing the truck, look down past the radiator and condenser towards the front bumper. When you look down far enough, you will see the wiring going to each factory fog light. Wear rubber gloves. Turn the bulbs counterclockwise to remove. Install, I believe, # 893 bulbs ( on my 98 sport, check owners manual) on each side being careful not to touch the bulb itself, only the base. Turn clockwise to install. They only go in one way. Look at the tabs on the bulb socket, line up to install. Reassemble. Basically follow the wires to the foglights and remove and replace each bulb be careful not to touch the bulb, just the base. Any grease or body oil, and or dirt that touches the bulbs will cause them to burn out prematurely. Good luck. Replace in pairs. If one goes the other is soon to follow. You could still install only one if needed. Then one might be brighter than the other.