How do you change a driver's side front caliper rotor and brakes on a 1993 Chrysler Concorde?

Only do one side at a time! The caliper is held in place by two long bolts, usually 10 mm, be ready for anything up to 13 mm and SAE threads up to 3/8. Remove the bolts. Using a screw driver pry the caliper piston backwards into its seat or wait until the caliper assembly is removed and then use a C-clamp to press the caliper inwards. Now to remove the caliper assembly. Using a screw driver pry from the bottom of the assembly upwards. It will come loose and basically all that have to do now is replace the pads unless the rotor needs turned or replaced in which case with the caliper removed and hanging with something suitable so you don't screw up its attached rubber hose, wriggle the rotor free. It will come off. It might have little star shaped things holding it at the threads, but just pry those off. When you are ready to replace the assembly, after the rotor has been installed, tighten one of the lug nuts down to secure it in place. Don't forget to remove the lug nut once the caliper assembly has been replaced. Now onto the caliper. Where the bolts go, press the bushings outwards . Now replace the caliper by setting it back down into its seat, bottom first. Once in place you will probably have to wriggle it back and forth until the bolt holes line up. Resecure the bolts, make sure you take off the lug nut and then put your wheels back on. Congradulations. You just saved a min. $65.00 (labor) fee by doing it yourself.