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Heater Core remove/replace in Dodge 1500 truck 1995-01. I can pull it in 3.5 hours. putting it back takes about 2 hours, plus charging the AC, about one more hour more. Having a friend around really helps. Disconnect the battery before attempting any work to avoid a short. 1)Remove first screw on plastic door sill on both sides. (the things on top of rug where door closes)Remove kick panels. 2)Remove panel under steering wheel. 3)Remove two nuts holding up steering wheel. 4)Remove screws where windshield meets dash board. 5)Remove 2 bolts left and right under dash but against sides of car (under kick panels). 6)Dashboard is now loose and can be pulled towards the seats. 7)On right side of dash hook a wire way up to screw that holds moulding clips, or pull the dash towards the seat and put a jackstand under the passenger side. 8)The whole heater box is now visible. 9) You've got to remove vacuum lines, controls, and electric plugs from heater box. 10) Now the secret: there are 2 screws holding it to fire wall on inside (one has a ground wire attached). The other is in the upper right hand corner facing up. 11) there are 4 nuts holding it from engine side of firewall(one is behind the electric panel on the passanger side). Remove all four of these. 12) Remove heater hose clamps with a hose clamp plier. This will take time, these clips are hard to get off. 13) Drain the AC freon. 14)the AC lines require a special tool that costs $9-12 at parts store. the kit has 6 plastic widgets. use the one that fits. play with an AC fitting near the radiator for practice first. 15) you should be able to pull the heater box out now. 16) Remember the dashboard is just pulled up high enough on the right to get at the heater box. 17) It is a good idea to change the A/C evaporator core while doing this job. They are both in the same box.

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Q: How do you change a heater core in a Dodge Ram?
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