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I ave a 1992 Lincoln Town Car and it's located on the passenger side trunk hinge. It loks like someone wrote it on a pice of paper and taped it there.

If want to change the code because of not knowing it, there is a label inside of the trunk lid "usually" on the hinge arm of the trunk *passenger side*. but in order to change it to some other series of numbers, you'd have to take the car the a Lincoln dealer and pay out the wahoo for anything that they do. Last I heard it was close to $80 an hour for them to do anything :( Anyway hope this helped...

i found the following buried in a cdrom "factory service manual" for '93-94 town car, crown Victoria, & marquis, so far, many things have turned out to be interchangeable between the crownvic and town car that i have been patching up for the last few years. anyway, hope it helps, here is the data.

To program a temporary code, enter permanent code sequence. Within five seconds of pressing last button of permanent code, press the 1/2 button. Enter any alternate five digit code within five seconds of pressing 1/2 button. _______________________________ To unlock the driver door, enter the permanent factory code or the owner's alternate code. This will also disarm the Anti-theft system, if equipped. _____________________________ To unlock the passenger door(s), press the 3/4 button within five seconds of unlocking the driver door or luggage compartment.

To unlock the luggage compartment, press the 5/6 button within five seconds of unlocking driver or passenger door(s).

To turn on the interior lamps, lift either front door handle or press any button on the keypad. All illuminated components will light.

To lock all doors, press the 7/8 and 9/0 buttons at the same time. It is not necessary to enter the key code first. This will turn off courtesy lamps and arm Anti-theft system, if equipped.

to the earlier post, yes its on the trunk hinge for '93 too even tho the factory users guide state that it is on the "deck"

to find in on the control module, you have to pull the glove box out, and remove the module,(mounted on the kick panel with 2 nuts on studs, and 3 wiring plugs) the label is hidden on the backside with the part number

There should also be information in the owner's manual as how to change the code. Otherwise, the information above is also true of a 92 Crown Victoria.

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Q: How do you change a keyless entry code on a 1990 Lincoln Town Car?
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