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you pull the engine and tranny out. pull them apart. remove the clutch on a manual or the torque converter on an automatic. then remove and replace the rear main. it's located on the shaft that went into the tranny.
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Q: How do you change a rear main seal on a 1995 Isuzu Trooper?
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How expensive is it to change a rear main seal on a 1995 Isuzu Trooper?

The seal itself should be around $20.00 or so. To change it is another story. You have to ripple the transmission & part of the exhaust. The rear main seal will be found in a plate mounted to the back of the engine. It will require the use of a special tool to put it back in. Definitely not a 1 day job.

Where are the fuses for headlights and parkers located on a 1990 Isuzu Trooper or Holden Jackaroo in Australia considering they are not in the main fuse box?

Not sure about the marker lights, but there are fusible links for the high/low beams in the fusible link box near the battery.

What are the torque specs for the rod and main bearings for a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo 2.2 engine?

What are the torque specs for the rod and main bearings for a1999 isuzu rodeo 2.2. engine

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Are the front wheel bearings of a 1999 Isuzu Trooper adjustable?

I believe they are adjustable. remove the drive flange (6 bolts), circlip, washer and undo locking tab by removing 3 screws. Then you get access to the main hub nut which you can adjust before reassembly.

What is the most common rear trans seal?

How do you change the rear main seal on an 1995 eagle talon?

Do you have to pull the transmission to change the rear main seal on a 1995 Dodge Ram 5.9Lt?

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loosen the 7/8 main nut on the tensioner then back off the adjuster 12mm till there is enough slack to remove the belt

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How do you change rear main seals in 1996 Isuzu Rodeo?

drop your transmission if it is a manual you have to remove the clutch and pressure plate or automatic the torque converter has to be removed and it should be right there but its hard to get out some times

Isuzu 2.8 liter turbo diesel head torque settings?

main bearing bolt torque settings

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What are the torque settings for the crank on a 1993 Isuzu pick-up?

on a1990 Isuzu 2.6 and 2.3 I thing you mean the main bearing caps for the crankshaft 72.3 (+ or -) 7.2 lb-ft

Izuzu Owners Should Always Purchase Izuzu Brakes ?

If you own an Isuzu and are in need of new brakes, you should consider the benefits of having genuine Isuzu brakes installed. Isuzu owners who choose to purchase certified parts for their vehicle always have a better experience because Isuzu designs and manufactures brakes that are specifically designed for vehicles that the company manufacturers.Drivers Should Purchase Isuzu Brakes Designed For Your VehicleIn addition to offering superior quality brakes, many Isuzu owners choose to purchase Isuzu brakes simply because they are affordable and often can be purchased at a discount. In addition to savings, many drivers who choose Isuzu brakes do so because they know that Isuzu designs and manufacturers a high-quality brake that is specifically designed for their vehicle.Isuzu Manufacturers Isuzu Brakes, Brake Pads, Discs and Brake RotorsOne of the main benefits of purchasing Isuzu brakes is that no matter what type of brake repair service you need you will find what you are looking for. Whether you need Isuzu brake pads, Isuzu brake discs or Isuzu brake rotors installed, it is always best to bring your car into a dealership that offers brakes manufactured specifically for the Isuzu.Isuzu Manufacturers High-Quality Brakes for New and Older ModelsAnother main benefit of purchasing Isuzu brakes is that whether you own a new or old Isuzu, you will be able to purchase Isuzu brakes specifically for your model. By choosing to purchase only Isuzu brakes you will be able to have brakes, brake pads, brake discs and rotors that were specifically designed for your Isuzu.Isuzu Auto Parts Are Backed by a WarrantyDrivers who own an Isuzu should always choose to purchase Isuzu brakes for their vehicle. In addition to purchasing a superior quality brakes for your Isuzu, you will also know that you will be purchasing brakes that are backed by a warranty. In fact, most Isuzu brake pads, calipers, rotors and other parts are accompanied by a manufacturer's warranty.If your goal is to drive a vehicle that handles better on the road, you should consider the benefits of having genuine Isuzu brakes installed in your vehicle.

Why would a 1995 Isuzu Rodeo engine skip and stutter?

It probably needs a tune up. The two main problems that cause this are that either the spark plugs are fouled and need to be replaced, or the bearings in the A/C compressor need to be replaced. Obviously the spark plug option is the least expensive. Isuzu recommends that you use Nippondenso plugs but I've found that Bosch platinum plugs work great.

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Can i have main bearings for a 1995 Chevy s10?

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Where can someone purchase Isuzu parts?

Isuzu parts can be purchased from Isuzu main dealers, but they tend to be comparatively expensive. Genuine and generic parts are available through a multitude of online car part outlets such as autopartswarehouse and buyautoparts. There are also high street stores such as Halfords that carry a wide range of parts for many brands.

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Where do you fill the tranny fluid on 98 isuzu trooper. 4x4?

See the diagram in the related links below.There are two plugs in the underside of the main pan, one is in the bottom face, the other is in one corner and is roughly level with the pan to transmission interface. The first is the drain, the second is the fill.Filling procedure including correct transmission temperature measured via the OBD2 port is critical.

How do you change a rear main seal on a 350?

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