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How do you change an airbag module in a 1996 Honda Accord?


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2011-09-13 00:08:45

Honda Accord 1994-1997The air bag module is located right next to the gas pedal, it is to the right of the gas pedal. It is under the carpet, there is a piece of carpet that goes straight over the moudle from the driver to the passenger foot space. This piece is cut in the center i think so that by pulling at it it will rip apart. Pull on it so that it ripps apart, the tear will only be in the center of the piece which will not be seen after you push it back in to its place, trust me on this, and you have to do this to get to the module. Then unscrew the four screws holding the moudule and disconnect the plug from it and put you new one in and secure it and plug the connecter back in. You Srs light should still be on until you reset. How to reset the srs light? Pretty simple!Right above the the hood opener/puller there is a yellow plug with two grey wires. This the Mes plug on 94-97 accords and go to the link for instructions


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