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How do you change cam belt where do you put the marks?

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You are changing the timing belt and you need o know where the timing marks are for the cam shaft and the crankshaft on a 1994 corolla Also how do you align the marks to put engine in time?

You are changing the timing belt and you need o know where the timing marks are for the cam shaft and the crankshaft on a 1994 corolla Also how do you align the marks to put engine in time?

How do you change the cam belt?

Which Renault do you have? I have a Espace 2.2 litre 1994 and had to take away the radiator and also take away the hoses for the AC (let the gas out). Make sure to put in new belts for the alternator and AC compressor when having the radiator away. Else to change the cam belt is the same as any over head cam, make sure the marks are aligned and put it back as it were.

Subaru loss of power after cam belt change?

take the belt back off and put it back on right

Honda Passport timing marks?

My honda passport 3.2 litter, to set the timing my belt has three timing marks on the outside of the belt, crank the motor over till you see the two belt marks towards the top of the cam shaft or around thier if one is at top the other cam can not be seen so botn cams have to be tilted set both belt marks to the cam shaft marks. When the belt comes off dont get the cams out of phase they tend to unwind a bit, put back. A nd the crank shaft has a green timing mart on it after you pull off the pulley and cover, so match the other timing belt mark on the belt to the crank shaft mark then put the tensioner back on now it is on dead set timing.

How do you line up the timing marks on the cam and the crank on a 1991 Toyota Camry 4cl 2.0?

There is a o or a < on the cam pulley that lines up with a mark on the head. The crank shaft is brought to the 0 degree mark on the timing cover. Then you put the belt on. You could do it the hard way and bring cylnder 1 to TDC and then rotate the cam so the valves for that cylinder are closed and then put the belt on.

How change cam beltpeugeot on 306 preg looking timing marks?

there are no marks, the cam and pump sprockets have a hole in one of the arms which you line up with a threaded hole and bolt them into position. As for the crank, this has to be locked in TDC position which I think requires another bolt passing through the crank case somewhere which lockes it into tdc. Personally I put my own marks on before removing the old belt, then line them up for the new belt. This allows you to turn the engine a few revolutions by hand and check all the marks still line up before putting it all back together.

How much is it to fix the timing belt on a 2001 kia sportage?

Here in southwest Florida they are about $25 for the belt, I put it on myself according to timing marks, exhaust 12 o'clock on left side facing motor on cam, intake at 12 o'clock on right side facing moter on cam pulley.

How do you change the timing chain or belt on a 1998 Plymouth Neon?

how do you put a Plymouth neon back in time 2.0L single overhead cam

How do you change a cambelt on a 1990 Ford Laser BG 16valve 15i?

you take the old cam belt off and put the new one on.

How do you change the alternator belt in a 1996 Mazda protege?

What bolts to loosen to put alernator belt on and how to put it on when a/c belt is on.

Where are the timing marks on a 1992 Ford Laser?

ford doesnt put timing marks on anything. u need a special cam gear alignment tool

How do the timing marks go in a Ford Laser 1987 1.6?

The safest way to get it right is remove the bottom pulley and line up the pointer on the crankshaft cog with the cut out on the back cover The cam gear has two marks that are put in the 3 o'clock position . The one at 12 o'clock lines up with the center of the cam cover. When the belt is on, install the tensioner with the spring attached. Only let the spring tension be on the belt when you tighten the bolt on the tensioner. Turn the motor over twice by hand (plugs out) and check that the marks line up.

How do you time 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse?

there are timing marks on the pullies that need to be lined up. also notches on the cam gears. once they are lined up and the #1 cylinder is at top dead center. you put the belt on and release the tensioner.

Where are the timing marks on a 2.0L in a 2000 Ford Escort zx2?

there are no marks on the gears the back of the camshafts have a notch in them. If you will need to set the cams take the valve cover off. The intake cam (fire wall side or left if at front of motor) point the first 2 lobes at the fire wall take a small wrench and put i in the notch to hold the cam still. this cam is set The exhaust cam (front of car or right if at front of motor) point the first 2 lobes to the front of the car place another wrench in the notch. this cam is set Now The Crank take the crank pulley off point the keeper key right at 12 o clock of the motor ( the motor is slightly slanted) this should be tdc. remove the wrenches put valve cover on and crank pulley To put your belt on loosen the tensoner pulley remove the top idler pulley (under the exhaust cam) slide the belt on the cams. Put the pulley back on then remove the wrenches put valve cover on and the crank pulley. Put the serpentine belt on and you my friend are ready to go.

How do you change a cam shaft?

Older engines, not overhead cam, it goes in from the front of the motor and you need to put in new bearings with the cam. Overhead cam is under the valve cover and is held in place with caps that bolt on. Take the timing belt pulley off the front, hold tension on it so that the timing doesn't jump, remove the caps and lift out the cam shaft.

How do you find timing belt marks for a 1995 Honda accord lx?

With the engine on top dead center. You will find two marks on the cam gear it should be even with the cylinder head surface. the next mark is on the crankshaft pulley it should be pointing to the mark on the bottom timing cover. you could remove the top timing cover before you put the engine on top dead center so you can see the cam gear. but leave the bottom cover on. Now when you take the covers off you will see another belt. that is the balance shaft belt. the marks for the balance shaft belt are on the balance shaft gear, the oil pump gear, and the crankshaft gear. I hope this will help, and good luck!!

How do you instill a timing belt on a 95 mercury villager the belt wont go on?

With all of your covers off and the two (2) overhead sprockets exposed, make sure that your belt is facing the correct way , there are arrows on the belt and they should be facing away from the engine, then the timing marks will be in the right position. match the timimg belt marks to the timing marks on the overhead cam sprokets (note: put white out on the sprocket marks to make them more visable.) then loosen the tensioner which is to the left of the crank spocket, use an Allen wrench to swival the tensioner cam to allow more slack of the belt as you slip it over the crank sproket, make sure the marks match up. It may take a few tries turning the crank sprocket not all of the srockets. when tightining the belt tensioner make sure the Allen wrench hole is at 5:20 clock position and tighten the tensioner nut to secure the tensioner. That should be all that you need to do. before you put all of the covers back on start the car and turn off. If ithe car did not sound as if it got spark and did not start then A: your belt is not in line with the timing marks, even with only one mark off it will not start, check your marks lineup again. Make sure the ARROWS on the belt are pointing out towards the fender. if all is as it should be then replace your covers and your done. Good Luck.

Cam timing marks for a 1987 1.6 Ford Laser?

The crankshaft cog has a mark that lines up with the back housing for No.1 TDC. The cam cog has two marks that are put in the 3 o'clock position, the one at 12 o'clock lines up with the center mark on the front of the cam cover.

How do you put a new timing belt on a 1994 Camry when the old belt broke?

This repair is best left to a professional. You should also replace the water pump which is driven by the cam belt.

If the timing belt broke on a 1996 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2L how do you reset the timing?

There are timing marks on the gears that MUST be aligned. An they need to line up on the Compression Stroke not the Exhaust Stroke.You would be well advised to Consult with a Reputable Repair Shop and have them do it for you.If you choose the DIY route the Purchase a Repair ManualGood Luck and Remember.Change Your Mind, Not Your Oil.Use the First In Synthetic Motor Oil's.See My Bio For Information & Contact Details.JUST TRYING TO HELP A LITTLE NOT MEANING TO STEP ON ANYONES TOES HERE!1996 Isuzu Trooper 3.2 Timing Belt Instructions.Actually there are 3 yellow marks on your new belt:Align top right camshaft (Drivers Side) with mark on cam gear and mark on back plate, should be straight up and to the right a little and put one yellow mark of belt on that mark:Left Side Camshaft (Passenger Side): align cam gear with back housing which it will be off set of bottom to the left some what: and Again put one of the yellow marks from the belt on these marks.Now the crankshaft gear has a groove with a blue mark on it: put the last yellow mark from the belt on this blue mark, blue mark will be on bottom and to left a little.Now rotate engine 2 full turns to take out slack and then make sure the tensioner is tight: be careful not to over tighten as you will stripe out the threads.BE SURE TO PUT THE ROTATION OF THE BELT AS IT SHOWS YOU ON THE BELT, IF YOU PUT THIS ON BACKWARDS YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ALIGN THE MARKS!Now if you have these marks of the belt on the marks with the gears it is done it will run.I searched all over the internet for these simple instructions and could not find them so I had to do this as a touch and feel thing. I guarantee you these are correct for this year application I have been a mechanic for over 30Yrs.

How do you put a transmission belt on a john Deere z225?

how to change drive belt z225

How do you put on the timing belt to a 1989 dodge Aries?

remove crank balancer pulley hub after the beltremove any thing in front of timing coverremove timing coverremove timing belt and idler and tensioner pulliesreplace all parts with newdo google search on how to align cam sprocket and crank sprocket and how to set belt tensionalign marks before belt removal and replacement

How do you change the head gasket on a Renault Megane Scenic 1.9 Diesel?

your best option is to put car in will need special tools.also get cam belt changed while its in.hope this helps.steve

How can you realign the timing marks after the belt is already removed on my 1992 eagle talon 2.0 liter engine?

i just did a timing belt on my 2.0 l there are marks on the crankshaft, oil pump, balance shaft and the cam shaft belt wheels as well the belt wheels line up with eachother. -you should be able to put a ruler across the marks. - for the crankshaft, oil pump and balance shaft there are little arrows( sometimes notches) on their corrosponding gears that will line up with an arrow on the engine block. if you would like you can give me an email at sagius@academic and i may be able to help you a lil more if you take some pics and i can point out where the marks should be.

Cannot find chilton on 2001 daewood lanos how do you set timing belt?

First line up the 2 notches on both cams and lock them in place with a cam lock tool. Then put only the gear from the harmonic balancer back on and line up the marks. Once everything is set, carefully put the belt on. If it isn't in time, you could damage the valves.